7 Shoe Trends You Need To Try This Summer

I do have to admit that after a long winter of wearing nothing but boots, I am ready to move on and wear some pretty shoes this summer. Sure, boots are fine and cute, but after wearing them every day for almost 5 months, you start to get a little sick of them. So, I was recently looking into the summer shoe trends of 2017 and I learned that there are a LOT of trends that are popping up this summer, and, uh, no offense, but you need to try all of them. I don’t want to tell you what to do, of course, but I also want to help you, the amazing Gurl readers, be on trend this summer.

I know you’re probably thinking that “summer=sandals” and that’s that. But you’re wrong (sorry). There are soooo many other types of shoes besides sandals and Old Navy flip flops, and it’s time that you try these trends out. The best part about summer is being able to experiment with cool and trendy clothes, so you might as well try out some new shoes, right? If you agree, which, I hope you do, take a look at these shoe trends that will be huge this summer, and grab a few pairs so you can be the trendsetter of your friend group.

Are you going to try any of these shoe trends? Tell us in the comments!

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