15 Of The Most Expensive Promposals You Could Never Afford

Out of all the crazy prom traditions, like wearing flowers on your wrists or renting a fancy limo, the craziest, IMO, is the “promposal.” They obviously haven’t been around forever, but they have risen in popularity over the years, and now, in the year 2017, they have reached their peak, IMO. I don’t want to hate on all promposals, since some of them are sweet and pure. I am throwing a little shade at the people who spend hundreds of dollars on promposals.

It’s one thing to spend a few dollars on a box of donuts on your promposal. It’s another thing to buy 75 tacos and a Kylie lip kit just to ask someone to prom. In a way, it can be a little manipulative. If someone offers you a fancy pair of shoes, you would take them, right? What if you didn’t even want to go to prom with this person? I don’t want to get TOO critical, I’m just saying that some teens are spending WAY too much on their promposals this year, and it’s getting ridiculous, IMO. But, if you have the money, feel free to do this! I just…would never be able to afford these promposals, and I don’t know if you would either. But, they are still pretty entertaining to see, so take a look at these ridiculous promposals you probably could never pull off:


1. An Apple Watch promposal:


2. Fancy jewelry promposal:


3. Bougie sandals as a promosal:


4. Okay, yes, Crocs are funny, but they can also cost, like $40:


5. This guy used VERY expensive makeup for a promposal:


6. Even MORE expensive makeup, AND shoes that cost hundreds of dollars?!??:


7. Just a casual trip to a private island:


8. Some Ed Sheeran tickets. You know, only $150 each:


9. A large assortment of candy and snacks that TOTALLY adds up:


10. Tickets to a baseball game:


11. Where are the teens getting money for these things?


12. This is a LOT of tacos:




14. These Kylie lip kits are NOT CHEAP:


15. How do these guys even KNOW what makeup is?:

Have you done a promposal this year? Tell us in the comments!

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17 Of The Cringiest Promposals

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