15 Hacks To Get Sweat Stains Out Of Your Clothes

Some people might complain about ketchup stains or period stains. But for me, one of the worst stains around is sweat stains. I am on a constant hunt to find a deodorant that keeps my pits feeling and smelling fresh but doesn’t ruin all my tops. I’ve had to get rid of many a T-shirt thanks to some seriously stained pits. #SweatyGirlProblems If you’re dealing with the same sort of issues, don’t toss those clothes away just yet because there are ways you can actually get those sweat stains out.

If you’re a fan of random hacks, and you want your clothes to look like new, you’re going to like these stain-removing solutions. They get rid of those unsightly yellow, brown, or white pit stains without ruining the rest of your garment. Sweet. Here are 15 ways to get rid of those sweat stains from your clothes.

1. Get rid of stains thanks to a hero combination of baking powder, hydrogen peroxide, and dish soap.



Yup, you have permission to put dish soap on your clothes. If you don’t have hydrogen peroxide in your bathroom cupboard, it’s worth getting. You can easily find it in drugstores.


2. Add in some lemons.



Lemons are good for skincare hacks, and it turns out they’re also good for busting through sweat stains. Who would have thought?


3. Don’t forget about your bras.



Because we all know that sweat stains can happen to bras, and they can be the worst. This will make your old yellow bras look like new.


4. Make use of a toothbrush.



Say so long to sweat stains with this mixture and the help of a toothbrush. Just remember to use an old one and not the one you clean your teeth with, obvs.


5. Experiment with a salt mixture.



That salt that you’re using on your food can also be a great thing for removing pit stains. It’s all thanks to science, baby.


6. …And try adding some vinegar into the mix.



Buy vinegar from Amazon for $11.98.

Yeah, I know that this treatment is starting to sound like a bag of chips, but just have faith. When your pits are clean, you won’t be complaining.


7. Make an Aspirin paste.



Hopefully you didn’t use all of your Aspirin for pain relief because that versatile tablet can also help turn old, yellow armpits into things of beauty.


8. Clear up those sweat stains on your silk tops without ruining them.


Silk is a more delicate fabric than cotton or linen so you have to be careful about what to put on it. This easy tutorial shows how some ammonia, cream of tartar, vinegar, and a sponge will remove stains. I know it sounds random, but trust it.


9. Get rid of yellow pit stains on light T-shirts.



Are all of your white T-shirts decorated with yellow pit stains? There’s no need to go out and buy replacements. Sort them out in a jiffy with this tutorial.


10. Take off built-up white deodorant stains on dark clothes.



The more you wear dark clothes, the more that white deodorant can build up on the pits. Argh. Luckily this tutorial shows you how to get rid of the stains without ruining your dark fabric.


11. Gently remove sweat stains from silk blouses.




Silk blouses are gorgeous, but they’re notorious for sweat stains. Clear up those stains with a bit of soap, water, and diluted ammonia.  (It’s not as scary as it sounds, promise.)


12. Don’t forget about under-the-collar stains.



They might not be as visible as pit stains, but they are just as annoying. This formula will help the insides of your tops look like new. Yippie.


13. Try the same technique with your hats.



Because sweat-stained hats are an issue, too. Hats don’t just get dirty, they get sweat. Very sweaty. Use this hack to make that cap look like new. FYI: No bleach is involved.


14. Put some vinegar in your laundry.



Vinegar is good on fries and it’s apparently good for your laundry. It might sound gross, but putting distilled vinegar in your wash can help keep those whites white. FYI: It also reduces odors.


15. Try a combination of methods.



Did you try one way to remove stains from your clothes and it didn’t work? Don’t worry, because you’ve got a few other options. In fact, you have nine of them in this infographic alone.


Do you get sweat stains in your clothes? How do you deal with them? Let us know in the comments!

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