15 Memes You’ll Only Understand If You’re Obsessed With Fidget Spinners

Feeling antsy? If so, it might be time to pick up a fidget spinner. Or, uh, not. As you’ve probably noticed, it’s complicated.

If you have not yet experienced fidget spinners IRL–which would be, in itself, a bit of a miracle–you have almost certainly been bombarded with the idea of them online, given that the internet has become all but saturated with fidget spinner content over the past few weeks. Fidget spinners are, according to Wired, making you smarter (maybe).  If you ask The New York Times, they’re the “hula hoop” for Generation Z. They are also, if you listen to the good people at The New Yorker, the “perfect toy for the Trump presidency.”

Personally? I am inclined to say that, as with most things, this situation is maybe not all that deep. While fidget spinners haven’t actually been proven help with ADHD, which is how they’ve been marketed,fidget spinners are fun to use, and, if you check the fidget spinner tag on Tumblr, you’ll find a lot of people who insist that their fidget spinner has helped them.Essentially, fidget spinners are cool if you’re into them and probably slightly less cool if you’re, say, a teacher and don’t know how to deal with them.  In any case, the inescapable popularity of fidget spinners has ensured that, at the very least, they have provided some good fodder for memes. So, check out these memes that you’ll only understand if you love (or, possibly, loathe) fidget spinners:

1. I….hate this:



2. This too!!


3. R*lationship goals:

ppl hate what they dont understand ??as Will.I.Am once said "where is the love??"

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4. I…don’t know what to say!


5. Nice:


6. A convergence of memes!


7. No!


8. Obviously, Denny’s just couldn’t let this one rest:



9. This is the question:


10. A true story, I assume:


11. 🙁


12. Promposal goals?



13. Be careful out there:



15. Sure!


Do you have a fidget spinner? What do you think of these memes?  Let us know in the comments!

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