16 Of The Most Extra Promposals You Need To See

As someone who never got a “real” promposal, I am a little envious of the cute and thoughtful ways teens are asking each other to prom this year. Sure, it can be cheesy and dumb, but some of them are cute. But, as prom approaches, people are starting to get a little TOO wild when it comes to their promposal. It sort of seems like it’s a bit of a competition at this point, right? Like the promposal is more important than the prom itself, in a way. I won’t judge, but you have to admit that some of these promposals have gotten WAY too extra.

Of course, being extra isn’t terrible, it’s just unnecessary at this point. Asking someone with a unnique poster? Cute! Using live animals to persuade someone to go to a dance with you? A little weird, but okay! Flying someone to a private island to ask them to prom? Wh..what? What kind of teen has that kind of money? And the time? I am honestly in awe but also a little terrified. I suppose that as long as you get the person to say yes (legally) it doesn’t matter what you do? I don’t know, but I had to share these ridiculous and extra promposals with you so that you can all see just how far some people have gone for a date:


1. This is…morbid:

2. This entire situation is wild. Cute, but wild:

3. This boy ran FIVE MILES for his date. Goals, I guess:

4.This literal Donkey did NOT sign up for this, obviously:


5. This guy who flew to a private ISLAND to ask his date to prom:

6. This slightly inappropriate promposal:





8. I don’t really…..know what this means:


9. Where did he get this door?:

Got a hot date with a bad pun #luckyguy #promposal

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10: This is cute but also gave me a bit of a headache:

It took a minute or two of processing, but he said yes~?Thanks @thebomb.edu_ for the #promposal idea!?

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11. THIS IS WEIRD:prom


12. How did they…do this?


13. WHO is going to clean this up?

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14. I am scared:


15. Okay, bye.

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16. Really…..bye:

What promposals have you seen this year? Tell us in the comments!

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