7 Gross Things That Will Happen To Your Vagina This Summer

Way back in the fall, I did a post on how the cold weather affects your vaigna. Surprisingly, I learned that what’s going on with the temperature and season changes can really cause some serious changes to your vag. Odds are, you might not know what’s happening down there when you’re experiencing this beautiful spring weather.  I don’t blame you! It’s so nice out and you are breaking out all of your pretty summer dresses, so you probably don’t have time to pay attention to your vagina. But, you sort of need to. Actually, you REALLY need to.

Unfortunately, when the weather gets warm, a lot of icky things can happen to your vagina. Obviously, not all things that will happen are terrible, but they can be, and it’s important to know exactly what can happen so you are prepared for it, so you can try not to freak out (that much).  Most likely, nothing life-threatening will happen to your vagina this summer, but it’s really important to beware of things that can happen. So, if you have a vagina and are planning on doing things outside this summer, take a look at these things that will can happen to your vagina within the next few months. Also good to note: just because you might experience these things this summer, does NOT mean you are gross, it means you are human, and the human body does this stuff sometimes!


How will you take care of your vagina? Tell us in the comments!

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