17 Embarrassing Things That Totally Describe You When You’re At School

At this point, you’ve probably had just about enough of the school year. Despite all of the studying tips and productivity hacks that have almost certainly been shoved down your throat (possibly by, uh, this very site), you most likely don’t actually feel an internal desire to actually be productive–all you want, probably, is for the school year to be over. Much of this is do to the fact that, no matter how much you like it, and how well you generally perform in it, school tends to be confusing. Not so much the material itself–which obviously can be confusing, since learning new concepts is hard, but it’s the kind of difficulty you expect from school–but more so, like, literally everything else.

You have to get there super early, first of all, which means that even under the best of conditions, you’re kind of walking around in a haze for the whole day. You also have to deal with teachers, and random peers who you may not exactly love, and show up to your extracurricular activities after school, which, depending on what you do, could last until 10 PM or later. Then there’s the homework. Basically? School is a hard place to be in and, chances are, you aren’t exactly your best self when you’re there. Which is fine! Given everything you have to do when you’re there. it’s a miracle that you eve show up at all, to be honest. So, check out these embarrassing things that (probably) totally describe you when you’re at school:

1. When someone tells you some information you just plain did not need to know in the middle of class:



2. When you, um, totally did your homework. (JK. You totally didn’t.)



3. When you just want to go to class and eat your pineapple in peace but your classmates won’t stop taking pictures of you:



4. When you have a test tomorrow:



5. Ahem:



6. When you finally meet the only person who’s holding you back from achieving your dreams:



7. When you finally start to fit in:



8. You in the library:



9. You writing your final research paper:



10. (Though, to be honest, who could blame you when this is your material?)



11. You and your five-year plan:



12. You dealing with the rabble:


13. When you cannot escape the rabble:


14. You taking an AP exam:



15. You interacting with your teacher:


16. You working on a group project:



17. Anyway. You’re almost done!


What do you think of these posts? Do any of them totally describe you? Let us know in the comments!

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