9 Things You NEED To Know Before Your Next Kiss

Have you ever wondered why we kiss? What exactly was it that made humans from different cultures seemingly instinctually press their mouths against each other (and tongues, too) as a sign of romantic affection? Who was the first person to lean in for a kiss, thinking, “Hm, this seems like a good idea?” And was the person on the receiving end terrified, confused, or intrigued? Some scientists believe that because kissing is so ubiquitous, there must have been some evolutionary reason for it, but whatever the reason, there’s one truth that most of us can agree on: Kissing the right person is really fun…like, really fun.

Of course, when it comes to kissing there are loads of hits and misses. At some point in your life, if you haven’t already, you’re going to swap spit with someone who has the kissing skills of a panini. Hey, maybe you’re the one with the whose kissing game is weak; there’s always room for improvement. Kissing is an adventure! But whether you’re getting good kisses or bad kisses, kisses from a long time partner or kisses from a random person you’re hooking up with at a party, or no kisses at all, you should know these nine things before your next kiss. Yep, there’s a lot more to kissing than whether or not someone has bad breath.

You're A Pickier Kisser Around Your Period

Now this is interesting. We know that our menstrual cycle can alter moods, and it can alter your value of kisses as well. Research has shown that people are most critical about one's kissing during their most fertile time of the month. A week earlier, a mediocre kiss might have cut it. But during that fertile window? Oh, hell no. Gotta step ya game up.

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There's A Reason Why Dudes Are So Eager To Get Some Tongue Action

Okay, here's some weird science for you guys: If you're kissing a guy and he goes for tongue pretty quickly, it might not just be because he has no chill. Honestly, it might be instinctual. Male saliva contains a ton of testosterone, a hormone that can get you horned up regardless of your sex/gender identity. So when they're swapping spit, they're swapping testosterone, which they hope gets you more turned on as well, intensifying the kissing process. Still, whether it's instinct or not, if a guy is putting his tongue down your throat and you're not into it, don't hesitate to tell him to slow the eff down.

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Kissing Can Be More Intimate Than Sex

You might have heard of the old school concept that many sex workers don't kiss clients because it's too intimate. Well, that notion isn't entirely wrong. In fact, it's not wrong at all. It's all about how society has socialized us to see kissing as something that creates a special bond--platonic or otherwise. Kissing has always been depicted as a very emotional--tender, touching, sweet--act in a way that sex simply isn't.


You Can Reach Orgasm Through Kissing

That is, if you have a vagina. Yep, people with vaginas can have an orgasm from the power of a good kiss alone. Does that mean you could count on having an orgasm during your next make out session? Nah, this is just possible, not likely. But hey, if you and your partner are up to a challenge, you're welcome to try it.

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Kissing Really Can Lead To Some Serious Health Problems

Yep, kissing isn't all fun and games. There's a reason why mono is considered a "kissing disease." Sure, you can contract it other ways, but kissing will definitely make you an easy target. Of course, you could kiss someone who has mono before they even knew it, so it's hard to avoid entirely. Just know that mono absolutely sucks; it's like the flu that never goes away and leaves you feeling weak and miserable for weeks. Ask anyone who has had it, they'll share their horror stories. Kissing can also make you susceptible to herpes as well, and when you have herpes it doesn't go away. However, the last thing you need to worry about is contracting HIV/AIDS via kissing. Yes, HIV can be transmitted through saliva, but you'd have to probably drink an entire gallon of saliva for that to happen, so it's really nothing to worry about.

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You Swap A TON Of Bacteria When You're Making Out

Yes, I know, ew, but it's true. During a single kiss with someone new, you and your partner are swapping up to 80 million microbes. That's way more microbes than you encounter in a public bathroom. This number declines when you kiss someone on a regular basis--your microbes are a lot more similar at that point. But hey, not all bacteria is bad, which leads me to this next point...


Kissing Has Health Benefits

I know, I know, I've already mentioned how scary kissing can be, but there's a silver lining: As long as you're not kissing anyone who is sick or has an open sore, kissing can improve your health! Swapping spit is great for boosting your immune system. Kissing also has other health benefits, like lowering blood pressure, alleviating stress, and relieving pain.


A Good Kiss Isn't Really Defined By Tongue Skill, But Rather...

Assertion. Yeah, you don't need to practice tongue gymnastics to offer a good kiss. Surveys have shown that people consider the best kissers to be ones who offer strong, assertive kisses instead of half-assed, weak lipped ones. So next time you're locking lips, assume an air of confidence and let those lips get a good workout.


Your First Kiss Really Isn't As Big Of A Deal As You Think

See this as reassurance for those of you who haven't had your first kiss yet, or have but really hated it for one reason or another. Heads up: Your first kiss is an adventure, but it's not that deep. Even if you have fond memories of it, it's really not going to be number one in your list of first kisses down the road. So whether it was with your first boo or whether you accidentally bit your partner's lip, your first kiss will be ancient history sooner or later. It definitely doesn't define you.

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