16 Things You Need To Do Before The End Of The School Year

We are almost at the end, people. We’ve made it through boring mandatory reading, countless math equations, crap cafeteria food, and having to get up unreasonably early for all these months. While you definitely deserve a big pat on the back for making it this far, now isn’t the time to slack off. It’s the time to finish the school year as strong as you started it.

I know it’s tempting to just coast by until that last day of school. You’ve probably handed in all your assignments and your teachers now consider putting on a movie to be an educational lesson. However, if you do these things now, it could help turn those grades from B’s to A’s.

Furthermore, these little things can help you get ready for next year. Because, like it or not, you still have to accept the fact that summer isn’t going to last forever and you’re going to have to be ready in September to hit the books again. So, grab a notebook and write down these 16 things you need to do before school ends.

1. Complete all of your course work.



I am going to be Captain Obvious and say it. Nothing good can come out of not doing your work. You will have plenty of time off in the summer so do your work now, and do it well.


2. Speak up if you don’t understand something.



If you still haven’t quite grasped a concept, speak up. Now. Don’t think you can ignore it. That won’t help you for the exam and it won’t help you next year. I can almost guarantee that whatever you learn next year will build on the concept.


3. Talk to your guidance counselor.



Everyone and their mama will be in the guidance counselor’s office come September when they’re trying to figure out the best courses to take. However, those offices are probably empty now. So use them to your advantage. Talk to your guidance counselor about your goals and future plans. They might offer you some advice on how you can get ahead over the summer.


4. Write down all of your accomplishments.



It might seem like a waste of time, but it will help you when you’re writing college applications and even resumes. It’s also a lot easier to do it now when what you’ve done is fresh in your mind. And let’s not forget about the fact that it’s always nice to have a list of things you did well at when you’re feeling a bit down.


5. And write your goals for next year.



The next school year might seem like a long way away, but it is never too early to start planning. When you’re thinking about what you’ve accomplished this year, it makes it easy to think about what you want to get done next year.


6. Ask your teachers for feedback.



Yeah, I know that teachers often write comments on your work, but sometimes it’s good to actually speak to them in person. They’re not going to write an entire paragraph about your work, but they will gladly spend a few minutes talking about it. It might seem scary, but it will actually help you in your future courses.


7. Think about ways you can improve.



It’s time to take an honest look back at the year and figure out what you did really well at and what you could improve on. It will help you realize what you need to do next year so you can get those A’s.


8. Grab some college brochures.



If you’re in high school, pick up some college pamphlets from your teachers or guidance counselors before you go away. It’s a lot easier to read the info when you’re relaxing in the summer as opposed to trying to process it during the school year when you have assignment deadlines looming. And the brochures are also a lot clearer than trying to shift through all of the information online. Trust.


9. Clean out that locker.



Do you always seem to forget about your locker until it has the warning sign on it that everything is going to get thrown away? Start going through it now so you’re not carting home four cardboard boxes on the last day of school.


10. Ask for references.



I hate to say it, but it isn’t too soon to start preparing for your college apps (or an internship in the fall). You can’t use your family or friends as a reference, so it’s always handy to ask a teacher, coach, or the assistant teacher who was in charge of a club you were in. They probably won’t be around in the summer so ask them now while you have the chance–and before everyone else gets to them.


11. Plan your holiday.



It’s not just about finishing up with your school work. You also want to think about what you’re doing this summer before it’s actually time. You don’t need to break things down day by day, but making a list of things you want to do is nice. And said list can actually be a great tool to motivate you through these last few days of school.


12. Consider summer school.



If you’ve been debating about going to summer school for any reason, you need think about it now, not when it’s actually summer. That way you can ask your teachers and guidance counselors for feedback on your decision. It also makes it easier to get a place in the course.


13. Make plans with your friends.



We may have things like WhatsApp groups, Snapchat, Twitter, and cell phones, but it can sometimes feel impossible AF to arrange things with friends over the summer. And it can be even harder when you’re dealing with a group. Work on some plans now so it’s easier to coordinate your different schedules.


14. Get a yearbook and have everyone sign it.



That yearbook might seem kind of lame now, but it’s definitely something that you will want to keep down the road. And the messages people leave are often golden–even the best Snaps can’t compete with a handwritten message.


15. Create a countdown.



If you haven’t already, create a countdown until the last day of school. It can be made of paper or on a whiteboard. Just do it. Seeing the days go down will get you amped for summer while encouraging you to give it your all in these last few school days.


16. Celebrate!



You worked super hard this year and you need to acknowledge this. Just promise me that you won’t start partying until all of your assignments are actually handed in, okay?


What do you have to do before the end of the school year? Let us know in the comments!

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