8 Surprising Things Everyone Admits To Doing When Texting

Despite the many annoyances that come with it, texting is the preferred method of communication for many of us. The good tends to outweigh the bad, and honestly, it helps us stay in touch with a lot more people than phone calls ever would. That said, texting can come along with its own set of stress and anxieties, such as: wondering why the hell your crush isn’t texting you back. Asking everyone you know if you should text your crush, even if they didn’t answer before. Freaking out over what a vague but possibly catastrophic text message means. Just generally wondering what weird things other people are doing when texting because you want to know what they really mean.

I get it. I’ve been there. It’s natural to wonder about the secret habits of others, especially when they directly effect us. And hey, you might be wondering if your own texting habits are normal. I mean, am I the only one who purposely waits a few minutes before responding to certain texts so that I don’t look like a loser who is always staring at her phone despite the fact that everyone knows that my iPhone is an extension of my arm? I can’t be. Luckily, there are studies and research that can give us a peek at the surprising things people admit to doing when texting. Will you find them relatable? Check ’em out to find out!

Read Other People's Texts

Inspired by the launch of Textrovert, a book by one of Wattpad’s most read writers, Lindsey Summers, Wattpad recently surveyed over 1,000 people between the ages of 16 and 34 to learn about ~millennial~ texting habits, and the results were pretty interesting. For one thing: 82.2 percent of the people surveyed admitting to reading other people's texts. They didn't say if they did this secretly or if they did it because they were asked to, but either way: your text is probably not as private as you think it is.

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Text From Someone Else's Phone Pretending To Be Someone Else

A similarly shady finding from the Wattpad study is that 47 percent of the people surveyed admitted to texting from another person's phone, deliberately pretending to be them. Now, again, we don't have data on why they did it - was because their friend asked them to write it? Was it because they were trying to be sneaky and find out information? Was it because they were trying to get revenge or destroy something - but still, it might freak you out a little to know that the text you're getting might not even be from who you think it's from.

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Use Read Receipts

Read receipts are the WORST. It sucks to see that someone has read your text and just isn't responding, and it sucks to realize you've had yours on when you had no idea that was happening. Even though most people complain about them, though, that Wattpad survey found that 55 percent of people use them anyway. At least we know everyone deals with this, though - over 80 percent say they get annoyed when someone leaves them on read.

Wait At Least 10 Minutes To Reply

You know when you get a text from someone, and you purposely wait to reply so they don't think you're sitting there, doing nothing? It might be because you're trying to look cool in front of a crush, or it might be because you don't want your friend to think you're a weirdo. Whatever the reason, you aren't alone. According to that Wattpad survey, the majority of people studied wait at least 10 minutes to reply to someone. Guess that's the sweet spot between "too busy" and "not busy enough."

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Get Annoyed With A Lot Of Texts

You've probably read at least one thing about how texting can be ruining your relationship. Well, it's not just something dumb adults say about technology. Studies have shown that too much texting can freak people out, even if it's the person you're dating. One study found that men in particular said they feel less satisfied with a relationship when their partner texts them too much.

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Answer When Having Sex

Can you imagine hooking up with someone, both of you naked and vulnerable, and then... they get a text and stop having sex with you to answer it? Apparently, it happens. One study found that 6 percent of people said they would answer texts during sex. It's a low number, but still - no one wants to deal with that!

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We all know that texting when driving is dangerous, illegal, and just a terrible idea... yet almost all of us do it. Recent research found that drivers admit to using their phones during 88 percent of the trips they take. This could literally kill you. Please stop.

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Use The Eggplant Emoji A Lot

Okay, fine, maybe this isn't that surprising, but a lot of us are using the eggplant emoji, which either means we're all sexting like crazy, or we just like to use it. Emoji research (yes, that's a thing) found that eggplant emojis are one of the most popular ones to be used.

Which one of these texting habits do you do with your phone? What surprised you the most? Share in the comments.

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