6 Reasons Why You Should Never Have Sex In Water

We’ve been conned.

Whether it was some steamy scene in a movie or random porno you “accidentally” stumbled upon that one time, we’ve been made to believe that sex in water was really hot. Whether it’s a lake, a swimming pool, or a hot tub, or a shower, doing it in water has this element of sensuality to it that sex in a bed just doesn’t. You’re all slippery and unclothed, rubbin’ all up on your boo. What could go wrong?

A lot of things. A lot of things can go wrong.

Sure, you’ll always get someone who swears by shower sex or swoons about that time they did it in a Jacuzzi. Hell, you might be that person, and maybe you’re so annoyed that I trashed water sex that you’re about to close this tab right now. But hear me out: Sex in water, more often than not, is too dangerous to even bother with. Check out these six reasons why you should never have sex in water. Sorry to burst your bubble, but the truth hurts.

Lubrication Is Seriously Lacking

Natural lubrication produced by the vagina is essential to making penetrative sex comfortable. But good luck benefitting from it if you're having penetrative sex in water. Water washes away those natural lubricants, making sex a lot more uncomfortable. You might think that water can act as a lubricant, but it can't! So if you want to risk having not-so-comfortable sex, give water sex a go. Otherwise, either use some waterproof lube or keep the sexy times outside of the swimming pool.

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Sex In Showers And Tubs Can Lead To Serious Injury

The bathroom could very well be considered the dangerous room in your house. I'm not kidding. Every year approximately 235,000 people go to the emergency room thanks to injuries sustained in bathrooms. While that number goes up with age, you can bet that a fair amount of people are probably injured from slipping and hurting themselves while having sex. A room surrounded in porcelain and glass is not the place you want to risk injury just so you could recreate a really hot sex scene you saw once. But if you insist on having sex in there, be smart about it. Find something sturdy to hold on to at the very least, guys.

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Anyone With A Vagina Is At Risk Of Serious Infection

Uh, do you guys know how much bacteria is in a lake? What about a swimming pool or a hot tub, especially ones that haven't been thoroughly cleaned with chlorine? The answer: Lots. Lots of effing bacteria. And while not all bacteria is inherently bad, you really don't want to take that risk if you have a vagina. The vagina has a delicate balance going on, and the introduction of unknown bacterias, propelled into the vaginal canal due to sex, isn't the business. You could end up with a gnarly yeast infection or an awful UTIs. Oh, and have fun dealing with all those swimming pool chemicals causing irritation to your vulva.


The Risk Of Contracting STDs Goes Up

So you know how water can eliminate lubrication? Well, the consequences of that go beyond discomfort. The friction due to the lack of lubrication can lead to micro-tears. While this puts you at a higher risk of getting a vaginal infection, it can also increase your chances of spreading STDs if one of you has one. "But what if there's a condom?" you might be asking. Well, about that...

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Your Condom Might Not Be Water Friendly

Again, so much of this comes back to water really effing with lubrication down there. So here's what's up: If you're doing it with someone with a penis, their condom must have silicone-based--not water-based--lubricant if it has any chance of maintaining any slip. But even then, the chances of a condom breaking during water sex go way up because that lubrication is constantly getting berated by water. So even with the best of intentions, water sex can put your safe-sex practices at risk. If you still want to give it a go, consider using a vaginal condom instead.


It's Just Not As Hot As You Think It Is

There are going to be people out there who have had great experiences having sex in water. But as this post demonstrated, having safe, fun, comfortable sex in water isn't as easy as it seems. A movie is really good at making water sex seem really hot, but they're not even having sex, they're acting. "But what about porn!" you might ask. Uh, do you know how many cuts are in pornos? And you don't even know if the actors are comfortable. So if you want to have water sex, don't let me stop you; just know that everything isn't what it seems.


Have you ever had sex in water? If you haven’t, despite reading this, would you be willing to try it? Tell us in the comments!

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