8 Subtle Signs That You’re Actually A Huge Brat

Everyone has their bratty moments, and anyone who claims otherwise has clearly never been a child… or a teenager for that matter. Sometimes we talk back to their parents, sometimes we whine about not wanting to go somewhere, sometimes we become petulant little monsters who get too caught up with Instagram likes. But for the most part, you can have your bratty moments without being a full on brat.

If you already know that you’re a brat, this isn’t the post for you, especially if you’re proud of your brattiness; try growing up a little, would ya? But if you’re uncertain as to whether you’re a true blue brat, this post may or may not make your day. Check out these eight subtle signs that you’re actually a huge brat. After all, you might not mean any harm, but that doesn’t mean that your awful attitude isn’t harming the people around you.

You Think The World Is Out To Get You

There are plenty of different systems in place in this big, effed up world of ours that actually does make life hard. Your gender, your race, your economic situation, your sexual identity, etc can make life...hard. But for the most part, if you honestly think that the world is out to get you just because something is made mildly inconvenient for you...get a clue. We all have our moments of just being in a crappy mood--these moods can be exacerbated if you suffer from anxiety and depression--but otherwise? Grow up.


You Expect People To Clean Up Behind You

It's one thing to be messy, it's another thing to expect people to straighten up the tornado of mess that you leave behind you. You expect your parents to do your laundry, you're careless about the mess you leave behind for service employees to clean up, etc. You never have to really handle your mess, that's someone else's job.

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You're All About People Doing Things For You, But You're Reluctant To Do Things For Others

Your heart fills with glee when people are selfless and do things to help you--go with you to a concert, help you with your homework, spot you some money for lunch. But when it's time for you to step up and be a little selfless yourself, to help out your friend or your mom or that girl who is always really nice to you in English class? Yeah, you're...not so eager. Think about whether you have a habit of not reciprocating people's kindness or if you take it for granted.

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You're Super Picky

This can take many forms. You might be someone who turn their nose up at food someone made for you without shame. Or maybe you think that drugstore brand makeup is below you. Or maybe you're just...really shallow. Either way, you end up looking like a snob, and snobs can be bratty AF. It's okay to be a little particular about things, but don't have an attitude. It's not a good look.

You Have Tantrums Over Pointless Social Media BS

Admit it: You've had a damn near existential crisis because the photo you posted on Instagram that you were convinced would get hundreds of likes fell short of your goal. You proceed to have a tantrum about it. Why? Because...you're a bit of a brat. I'm sorry, it's just the truth. Letting little inconveniences turn you into a monster is always a sign of brattiness.

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You Can't Take No For An Answer

Everything is up for negotiation, period. This is a good skill in some avenues, like school or work. But for the most part? It just makes you look petulant, like someone who has never had anything go not-quite-as-planned and doesn't know how to deal with it. If you want to look more mature, you need to stop acting as if "no" is always oppressing you. Nine times out of ten, it's not that deep.


You Don't Have Patience For Your Parents

Our parents annoy us from time to time, period. Of course, some parents are straight up awful. But on average? Your parents are probably just fine, you just have such little patience for them. They can't even ask how your day was without you grunting, "Fine" and leaving it at that. I'm right, aren't I? When your parents are trying to bond, you push them away. When they're calling you out, you snap at them and act like they're the gestapo. It might even be so bad that your own friends have awkwardly mentioned how harsh you are to your parent. While everyone's rapport with their parents is different, if you hear that on more than one occasion, it's time for a little self awareness.

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You're Passive Aggressive

You've convinced yourself that the best way to deal with conflict, disagreement, or miscommunication isn't by being open and direct with your concerns or hurt feelings. Nope, you'd rather do little things to express your displeasure, hoping to get the hint across and making people feel bad in the process. This is so immature and utterly bratty. Being short via text, giving a friend the cold shoulder...this is How To Be An Insufferable Brat 101.

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Is there someone in your life who is a total brat? Rant about ’em in the comments!

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