10 Completely Random Things You Had No Idea Can Mess With Your Vagina

The list of things that can miss with your vagina is way too long already – and I’m about to make it even longer. While vaginas are actually very magical and cool, they are also extremely sensitive, some more than others, and that means that you have to be super careful about what you put near or in them. Even items that are made to be used down there only can be a risk, something that could potentially cause strange odors, extra discharge, or infections. Is this fair? No. Is it something we need to pay attention to all the time? Yes.

This is because you could just be living your life, not taking your vaginas into consideration, doing completely normal things like wearing skinny jeans and showering before sex, and the whole time, you could be messing with your vag. This, I would assume, is the last thing you want to do. No one wants to deal with strange smells or itchiness in a spot you cannot scratch in public, or painful infections that require visits to the gynecologist. No one! Does that mean you have to stop doing these things? No, not really, but I would definitely be aware of them, especially if you tend to be more sensitive down there. Check out these random things that can mess with your vagina, and prepare to have your world rocked.

Tampons And/Or Pads

Feminine products like tampons and pads are literally made to be worn in your vaginal area - so it doesn't make any sense that they could actually be totally messing with your vag. Unfortunately, they can, which honestly is just cruel. Sometimes, tampons and/or pads can change the pH of your vulva, which can lead to anything from a funky smell to extra discharge to possibly even an infection. If you suspect these guys are doing something weird to your down there area, you might want to consider switching to a menstrual cup, which doesn't change anything about your pH levels.

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I doubt that any of you are getting your genitals tatted up (but, you know, I don't know your life), but even getting a tattoo near that area can potentially mess with your vag. It can cause redness, irritation, inflammation, and maybe a rash. And even if you're trying to be cheeky and cute with a temporary tattoo, that can be damaging as well.

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Toilet Paper

Toilet paper is another product literally meant to be in your vagina. How could it be bad for it?! Why does the government hate our vaginas?! This is a question for another time, but rest assured: toilet paper can mess with your vag. Wiping too hard or too much can actually cause little cuts in your vaginal area that you might not see, but that can invite bacteria that will lead to infections. The chemicals in some toilet paper brands can actually cause yeast infections. And, of course, wiping incorrectly (back to front) can cause poop to get too close to your vagina, which can lead to a UTI.

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Chances are good that you aren't drinking enough water, and you could be dehydrated even if you don't realize that you are. Dehydration doesn't just make you feel tired, give you headaches, or make you feel sick - it can also be drying up your vagina. When your body doesn't have enough hydration, the outside skin of the vag area, like your labia, get dry, and so does the inside. Dehydration can even end up leading to pain, itchiness, and burning down there, and possibly even a yeast infection. Drink up!

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Panty Liners

Here's another product made for your vagina that is out to get you! Okay, that's slightly dramatic, but here's the deal: panty liners are meant to be a short-term solution to things, not a long-term one. Wearing them too often can lead to annoying and painful infections. A lot of people suggest wearing panty liners all the time if you have a lot of discharge, and I get the idea behind it, but unfortunately, doing so will most likely make the discharge worse. Panty liners don't allow your vagina to breathe, and it needs to breathe to stay healthy! Suffocating it with them is going to cause infections.

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Using Hair Depilatories Down There

Getting rid of hair down there, no matter what method you use, can irritate the vaginal area. But if you're going to do it, you're probably better off sticking with something that isn't a depilatory cream, AKA a hair removal cream. The chemicals in these are often really harsh, more harsh than shaving lotion, and can leave tiny cuts in your skin that can cause an infection. A lot of people are also allergic to these creams, especially in that sensitive area.

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Bath Bombs

You know all those beautiful bath bombs out there? Yeah, uh, they're probably ruining your vagina. Baths on their own aren't great for your vag - it's not a good idea to sit in warm water like that for too long because it can cause UTIs - but bath bombs can be especially harmful. Most bath bombs are perfumed and have dyes in them to make them as pretty as they are, and these chemicals can mess with your pH balance and cause irritations and infections. On top of that, many of the coolest bath bombs have glitter in them, and glitter is not vagina friendly in any way, shape, or form. And in case you thought something like, "I use bath bombs and have never had an infection so whatever," let me assure you that they are still messing with your vag - you just might not notice outright.

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I'll never really get why people talk about drunken sex like it's a good thing. If you and your partner are drunk, or one of you is very drunk, things are going to get messy fast. And things are... difficult. Nothing works like it should. Moving around like that might make you feel sick. Also, alcohol isn't great for your vagina! It dehydrates you, which means that it can make your vagina dry, and natural lubrication is very important. Plus, a lot of women swear that drinking a lot of alcohol causes excess discharge, so... who knows?

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Smoking Ciggarettes

Here's yet another reason to quit smoking: it is messing with your vagina. According to Reader's Digest " a small study in the journal BMC Infectious Diseases found that female smokers had a greater imbalance of their vagina’s natural flora than non-smokers, which can lead to recurrent BV." BV is bacterial vaginosis, an annoying infection that can lead to a funky odor, discharge, itchiness, and more. Some doctors believe that there's a connection between the two that is stronger than we think. Please quit!!! For more reasons than this!!

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Smoking Weed

A lot of people wax poetic about having sex when high after smoking weed, but here's the truth: while it might get you turned on, it will probably also dry up your vagina. Yes, it's true, even Vice wrote about it. Weed can dry up your mucus membranes. You know how people talk about "cotton mouth" after smoking (a common side effect)? Well, there's also cotton vagina. Scary.

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Which one of these things did you not know? What did we forget about? Share in the comments!

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