7 Of The Worst Habits You’ll Fall Into In A Relationship

This is the most obvious thing in the world, but bear with me: Relationships are great, especially when they work really well. Every couple has their moments when they get into little tiffs, disagreements, and moments of miscommunication. That’s normal; it sucks, but it’s normal. And when those sucky moments are outnumbered by nauseatingly sweet texts, quality time, and general happiness? The awesomeness is unparalleled. Having a good time with somebody you can make out with? What can go wrong?

Sorry to burst your bubble as quickly as I inflated it, but things can go wrong. In fact, your relationship might be so good that you start to neglect other things that are important in your life. You might be reading this with a scoff, thinking, “Pfft, yeah, but that won’t happen to me.” Ha, listen up sis: I spent years as a single lil’ bean, and in that time I stumbled on so many anecdotal accounts of people in relationships neglecting their friends and other responsibilities because they’re so caught up in their lovey dovey BS. I too thought that I would never make those mistakes, and yet… I’m no longer single and have definitely done the very things I thought I’d be smart enough to avoid. In other words, don’t get cocky. Whether you’re in a relationship or not, check out seven of the worst habits you’ll fall into in a relationship. Trust, this happens to everyone.

Inviting Bae To Hang Out With Your Friends And Assuming Your Friends Are Cool With It

Use some common sense and realize that your friends hit you up because they want to hang out with you, not you and your boo. It's important to spend some quality time with your friends solo, especially since they're probably seeing less of you than they used to. Don't get me wrong, it's okay for your SO to hang out with your crew every now and then; after all, you want them to develop a healthy relationship with your friends. But don't go overboard. If you're truly conflicted, hit up your friend and ask if it's cool if you can extend the invite to bae; hopefully they'll be honest with you, and hopefully you'll be chill if they say bae ain't invited.

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Blowing Off A Friend To Hang With Bae

It's so easy to tell yourself that you'll never do this, that you respect the sanctity of friendship too much to let someone you're hooking up with get in the way. Well, even those with the best of intentions eff up with this one every now and then. I know how it goes: You make plans to chill with a friend after school or after work, but then your BF/GF hits you up with the "you free tonight?" text, and you become an effing heart eyes emoji and come up with some excuse not to hang out with your friend. It happens. Hell, you'll be on the other side of this at some point. Just don't make it a habit, because your friends will (rightfully) start to resent you.


Deciding Whether Or Not To Go To Things You're Invited To Based On Whether Your SO Tags Along

So your friend invites you to a party and you're really excited to go. You invite your SO along, but they're not interested or busy doing something else that night. What you should do is just go to your friend's party without them. What you may be tempted to do is just blow off that party to hang out with your bae instead, because you think you'll have less fun without them. Even if that was true, you just can't do everything together. You just can't. Schedules don't always match up, and sometimes you or your partner just don't feel like going to something you're planning on going to. That's okay! They'll tag along next time. But don't blow off something you're excited about just because bae isn't coming.


Blabbing About Them...A Lot

I've had to check myself for this a lot, and it can be so embarrassing. Yes, your friends are probably happy for you if you're in a loving, awesome relationship with bae. But that doesn't mean they have to hear about every little mundane thing about them in the middle of a conversation. Reduce the urge to bring everything back to your bae when you guys are talking, they'll start to get really annoyed really quickly. Spare them, please.


Neglecting Your Responsibilities For Quality Bae Time

Yo, there's a reason why some parents don't want their kids to have a relationship when they're in school. Having a bae really can be a distraction if you get too hung up. Definitely make sure to dedicate enough time to your studies or work. You don't want your chances of getting into your dream school to go down the drain because you decided to cut your studying short so you could make out with bae. Like...it ain't that deep.


Neglecting To Do ANYTHING But Chill Together

In a way, this sounds like a non-issue. Who doesn't want endless time to spend with their boyfriend/girlfriend/whoever just vegging out? Binge watching movies, listening to music, scarfing down pizza, making out? Uh, ideal, right? Yes, at first. But you're going to regret spending every spare time with each other sooner or later, because I guarantee you'll get sick of each other quicker that way. So while it's tempting to spend every waking moment together, giving each other space is way healthier for your relationship's longevity.

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Ignoring Your SO's Faults...To A Fault

During the so-called honeymoon stage of your relationship, your partner will seem absolutely angelic to you. They're the ideal, they're damn near perfect, they're amazing, you two are amazing together, nothing can get you down. Nothing wrong with that giddy feeling, but when you spend most of that time idealizing them in your head, their fall from grace is going to be brutal for you. That's not fair to them or your relationship. Again, be giddy AF, but don't lose sight of reality. Your partner isn't the perfect partner, period.

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