What Your Sexiest Quality Is, Based On Your Sign

What does it mean to be sexy? I think, at this point, we can confidently say that sexy really is a feeling, and not a physical trait.   But what makes YOU sexy? I know it might feel a little awkward to think about your sexiest quality, but, hey, you have to give yourself props. Loving yourself can sometimes be about learning what makes you look and feel good. I mean, when I think about myself, I don’t really think about how ~sexy~ I am. I think about how weird I am. BUT, believe it or not, we all have sexy qualities. And if you don’t believe me, just take a look at your sign!

I know that I talk about signs a lot (every week, in fact), but they have a way of telling you things about yourself that you would have never figured out on your own. Yes, horoscope doubters, I’m talking to you! Your sign is about your personality traits and emotions, both of which tie into your physical appearance as well. Skeptical? Read on to find out your sexiest quality according to your sign. And hey, why stop there? Find out what your BFF’s sexiest quality is, and share the love. I guarantee they’ll appreciate it.

What is your sexiest quality? Tell us in the comments!

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