13 Things You Need To Know About The New Season Of 13 Reasons Why

Just in case you were wondering, 13 Reasons Why isn’t going to go away anytime soon. The show, based on the 2007 novel of the same name by Jay Asher, has spawned many fans, lots of memes, and, of course, a great deal of discourse. Up next? A second season.

Given that the show’s first season was astoundingly popular (it’s 2017’s most-tweeted-about-show) and ended with a bunch of cliffhangers, a follow-up season of 13 Reasons Why seemed all but inevitable inevitable. And, of course, it was. Over the weekend, Selena Gomez (who produced the show with her mom) released a teaser for the new season on her Instagram page with the caption “Their story isn’t over. Season 2 of #13ReasonsWhy is coming.”

That’s great! But, if you’re a fan of the show, you probably have a lot more questions. So, check out these things you need to know about the new season of 13 Reasons Why:

1. The new season will focus more on the “recovery” of the characters:


In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Brian Yorkey (the showrunner for 13 Reasons Why) said, “We really have characters who, after thirteen episodes, are just beginning the process of recovery and the process of coming to terms with what part they might’ve played in Hannah’s death and how Hannah’s death will change their lives going forward. I think that there is so much that’s fascinating about the way we grieve, the way we recover, the way we learn to take better care of each other.” Hopefully, this means that the new season will take mental health more into consideration than before, which is a concern many had with the first season.


2. And their culpability, too:


As Yorkey put it in the EW interview, “We have a rapist who has not in any way been brought to justice.” So, hopefully, that rapist (ahem, Bryce) does get brought to justice in some sense, and his remaining victim, Jessica, will be able to effectively begin her recovery process.

3. The B-roll is ready:

Their story isn't over. Season 2 of #13ReasonsWhy is coming.

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Which means that things are pretty much already in motion. (That is, if Selena Gomez’s Instagram teaser is any indication.)

4. There will be a new narrator:


Yorkey has confirmed that there is going to be a voiceover in every episode like you’re probably used to, but that voiceover will not be Hannah Baker.

5. And a new means of disseminating information:


The first season of Thirteen Reasons why was all about the cassette tapes, but that isn’t the case in the second season–Yorkey has said that there will be a new type of “analog technology” being used to propel the story forward.

6. But Hannah is in the second season:


Yorkey said that Hannah is “absolutely” going to be returning in season two, so you can probably expect to see more of her flashback scenes.

7. And so is Alex:


In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Miles Heizer, who plays Alex–who attempts suicide, at the end of the series–hinted that his character will be returning, saying, “That’s another subject that’s very rarely shown onscreen and is probably a lot more common than people think it is. People attempting to take their lives and it not happening, I’m sure that will bring a crazy set of issues. It would be interesting to go into that.”

8. It will still be “difficult” to watch:


13 Reasons Why received a lot of flack for its graphic depiction of Hannah’s suicide. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Yorkey maintained his belief that it’s important to show graphic scenes, saying, “It should be difficult to watch. If we make it easy, then we’re selling goods that we didn’t want to sell.”

9. But there will be more trigger warnings:


While the graphic nature of the series is likely to remain the same, more trigger warnings have been added retroactively to the previous season. This indicates that Netflix will be more cautious about letting viewers know when some content is going to be tough to watch.

10. Tyler will have a role:
Tyler, if you recall, is one of the first season’s many cliffhangers (he’s shown packing guns and ammunition into his car as if he’s gearing up for a school shooting). So, it makes sense that he’ll probably have a pretty big role in the second season. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, “This is a really logical step for this character to go toward. I definitely think there’s more of a story to tell. That helps dive into a bigger conversation of mental illness and bullying and harassment and how a person can react when they’re pushed to the end of their rope.”

11. Zach Dempsey will be back, too:


Ross Butler, the actor who plays Zach, actually set off the wave of speculation that 13 Reasons Why was getting a new season when he quit his role on Riverdale because of his commitment to 13 Reasons Why. So, you can definitely expect to see him in the next season, too.

12. There will be controversy, probably:


13 Reasons Why is already a controversial show–it’s been banned in some school districts–and, since it doesn’t seem to be shying away from its controversial topics from before, it’s likely to stay that way.

13. It’ll come out at some point in 2018:

When in 2018? No clue! But, given the show’s popularity, chances are good that it’ll be as soon as possible.


Are you excited for Thirteen Reasons Why‘s second season? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments!

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