18 Simple But Elegant Hairstyle Tutorials For Prom Night

If you’re looking for the perfect prom hairstyle, there is certainly no shortage of options. There are pretty boho styles for those who want something more relaxed, unique retro styles for anyone who wants a more vintage vibe, and fun ways to style Afro-textured hair. All of these are great, but what if you just want something, well… simple? You know, nothing too crazy or trendy or out there, but something more classically beautiful – elegant, if you will – that feels timeless. That’s not boring and it’s not overdone. It’s timeless for a reason, and that’s because it will always look good, on anyone and everyone.

The best thing about these hairstyles is that they tend to be pretty easy. You could do most of these yourself, even if you don’t consider yourself to be a hair guru or anything like that – saving money on a hairdresser is a definite plus! And these tutorials will make that even easier for you. Whether you want an elegant updo worthy of the classy girl you are, or you want a way to keep your hair down without making it look too casual, I bet this list includes at least one style you’ll fall for. Check out these simple, but elegant, hairstyle tutorials that are perfect for prom night – or honestly any fancy occasion!

1. “Messy” Bun



A carefully disheveled “messy” bun looks a little bit more loose and relaxed than a tight ballerina bun, and it’s also a total classic for a night out – plus, it doesn’t get much easier than this! It’s great for long hair so that you don’t have to stress over it all night.


2. Soft Waves 



Loose waves are a great option if you don’t want to do too much to your hair but you still want it to look good. They’re beautiful, easy to achieve, and will look good with almost any dress you wear.


3. A Half French Twist



If you’re trying to stay slightly more casual, a half French twist like this one is perfect. It’s still ~classy, but it’s not over the top. And, as you can see, this is great for super curly hair.


4. A Low Chignon 



It’s hard to get more elegant than a classic chignon. It’s also incredibly easy to do on your own, which is amazing. A chignon lends elegance to any look you’re going for, and it’s great to play up with pretty dangling earrings.


5. Vixen Hair 



If you want a timeless look that is sleek, pulled back, and shiny, go for this one. It’s cool and different, but it still has this effortless look to it.


6. A Low Bun



A low bun doesn’t have to look messy – it can be super chic, like this tutorial proves. This is such a beautiful hairstyle and there’s no reason you can’t do it yourself.


7. Half Up/Half Down



It’s hard to go wrong with a classic half up/half down hairstyle, especially when you add in some curls, a little volume, and a feminine hair accessory. A thin bow is beautiful, but this look is so versatile, so do whatever feels right.


8. Ballerina Bun



If you want an updo that will keep your hair out of your face all night, require little maintenance, and still look good, you can’t go wrong with a ballerina bun. It’s easy and it’s ideal for a night of dancing.


9. French Roll



A French twist is an elegant style that will always look good for fancy occasions. It’s also probably something a lot of other girls aren’t going to do!


10. A Flat Twist Bun



If you have natural black hair, this flat twist bun is a beautiful low updo that will leave your hair stress free for the night.


11. A Braid Crown



A braid crown doesn’t have to look super trendy, and it definitely doesn’t need to make you look like a milk maid. This half up braid crown is so pretty and so simple, so it’s perfect if you want something easy and a little more casual.


12. Wrapped Chignon 



Put a slightly different spin on an elegant chignon with this easy to follow tutorial. It’s beautiful and lets your dress shine.


13. Sleek Low Updo



If you’re looking for something super sleek, this low pulled back look is a great option. It’s so simple, but will look amazing when paired with your dress and makeup.


14. Low Rolled Updo



This has got to be one of the easiest hairstyles on this page, which is really saying something. It’s also so pretty to look at!


15. A Voluminous Ponytail



If you have a lot of hair, this ponytail is perfect for you. It’s beautiful, timeless, and has so much more going on than it seems.


16. Elegant Bun



If you have natural curly hair, this elegant high bun with a little bit of a side swoop will make you look like a legitimate movie star.


17. Twisted Updo



To be honest, this twisted creation that reminds me of a cloud will probably only work with long natural curls. So, if you have them, go for it!


18. Glamorous Curls



When in doubt, keep it simple: glamorous curls like these are always in style.

Which one of these simple prom hairstyles would you want to try? What did we forget to add? Share in the comments.

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