20 Things You’ll Only Get If You Really Feel Yourself

Sometimes, self-confidence is a tricky thing to achieve. In fact, if you’ve had a long week, with lots of setbacks and complications (receiving a not-so-great grade on an exam, getting cut from a sports team, realizing that the one person you’d like to text you back isn’t texting you back, or ALL OF THE ABOVE), you’ll know that it can feel all but impossible. But sometimes? It’s not hard at all. You wake up, and, for whatever reason, you’re just there. You’re there for yourself, you’re there for everything that you’re doing, and, as a result, everyone else in the world (it seems) is there for you, too.

It’s a great feeling! In fact, one might say that feeling yourself–in the Beyonce and Nicki Minaj sense, obviously–is the greatest feeling of all, despite the fact that it may not happen as often as you like. So, the times that you are not feeling yourself? It is important to reflect upon what it did happen when you were at your most self-confident, so that you may get there again as soon as possible. So, check out these posts that you’ll really get if you really feel yourself:

1. Your mantra:

YUP #regram @girlwithnojob

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2. Also your mantra:


3. You relate, in many ways, to this tweet:


4. You know exactly which limits you’re allowed to push without any real consequences:


5. Ahem:



6. A rare video of you practicing your classic dance moves:


7. And, of course, a rare video of you gettin’ ready in the fitting room:


8. For your crush, obviously:

? (@ksuib_fitness)

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9. Some important self-reflection:



10. You would do this, probably:


11. You interacting with an admirer:



12. What’s a risky text to a girl who truly DGAF?


13. You can’t help it that you’re so popular?



14. When someone asks you what your plans are for the future, you can just show them this:


15. Or this (you are the girl in “Hotline Bling):



16. Just as you are, of course, the second person in this post:



17. And all of the vain girls!



18. I mean:



19. You believe that you, like Madonna and Andrew before you, need only to be introduced with your first name:



20. And, finally, here is a pep talk:

Do you relate to any of these posts? Which ones? Let us know in the comments!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.

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