Quiz: Should You Text Him Back?

I know just what you are doing right now. Or, at least, I can assume what you are doing right now. You’re sitting (somewhere), looking at your phone, and have a moderate-to-severe panic attack over something that, in theory, should have a pretty simple answer–should I text him back?

It’s a good question, and one that is hard to answer. Now, I do not know who this person is, or what they texted you, or why, or what they have done to make texting them back an issue rather than a gut reaction but, ultimately, it doesn’t matter. Those are all small, insignificant details that are taking up a lot of space in your brain right now, probably, but ultimately don’t matter. What does matter? The issue of whether or not to text them back. Take this quiz to find out if you should text him back or not:

Which result did you get? Were you surprised? Let us know in the comments!

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