7 Weird Ways Clothes Affect Your Vagina

The wrong pair of underwear can be as much of an enemy to a vagina as too-big penises, random objects, and douches. That too-tight, non-breathable, scratchy G-string can cause issues both internally and externally. While you can probably see how underwear affects your vag, given that it’s touching it, you might not realize that the other clothes you wear can impact down there, too.

Don’t stress. I’m not saying that your floppy hat is going to be messing with your vagina. Thankfully, your vag isn’t that sensitive. What I’m saying is that it’s a good idea to look beyond underwear because some other more unexpected things can impact down there. Check out the seven weird ways clothes can affect your vagina. And try to remember them when you’re shopping and getting dressed.

They Can Prevent Your Vag From 'Breathing'

Your vagina isn't going to suffocate like you would if you lost your air supply, but breathability is important for vaginas. Why? When vaginas don't *breathe* properly, it can cause bacteria growth which can lead to lovely things like yeast infections. That's why it's a good idea to stick with loose silhouettes made from breathable materials like wool, cotton, and linen.

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They Can Mess With Your Pubes

Rashes, bacterial infections, fungal infections, and vaginitis can all happen down there thanks to the wrong clothes. However, you might also be lucky enough to experience a lovely thing called folliculitis. Cosmpolitian explains it's where the hair follicles get irritated from the combination of sweat, rubbing, and tight clothes which results in red bumps that sometimes require prescription products to treat. And you thought ingrown hairs were annoying.

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Too-Tight Bottoms Can Cause Sweating

Skintight pants plus a hot day, plus walking equals a sweaty nether region. While the sweat isn't all up in your vag, it's in the general area. And it's a feeling that most of us could do without. If it's hot, it's a good idea to select loose, breathable layers to prevent crotch sweat.

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They Can Create Some Nice Friction

If you've ever started walking in a new pair of pants, you might have discovered that the jeans' well-placed seam can feel good. Very good. It probably isn't enough to make you orgasm, but it could be enough to make you turned on. Not to mention that it will give you some new masturbation inspiration.

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...But They Can Also Create Bad Friction

A seam that rubs down there might have started off feeling amazing, but there is such thing as too much of a good thing. Alternatively, there might be a seam or a weird zipper fly that is just not comfortable. Period. Normally your underwear creates enough of a barrier to protect your vagina, but sometimes things can get uncomfortable AF.

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Damage Can Actually Be Done

One of the many benefits about having a vagina compared to a penis is that our lady parts are more compact. This usually makes them less likely to get injured. However, what looks like an innocent pair of pants or a skirt could actually do some damage down below. Be careful with zippers and buttons, especially when you're doing up/undoing your bottoms.

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They Can Cause Bladder Infections

Do you love a bodysuit or romper, but find it annoying AF when you need to use the bathroom? If you find yourself holding in your pee or forgoing the liquids, this can cause bladder infections. And bladder infections can cause some lovely side effects in the crotch region. They can cause pain down below and burning during sex. Wonderful.

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Have you ever noticed that your clothes affected things down below? Let us know in the comments!

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