19 Of The Most Ridiculous Text Messages On Tumblr

There are, obviously, so many great things about text messages. Texts make communication easier and faster. They give us the ability to say whatever we want whenever we want, even if we’re in the middle of class or work or some place we can’t actually talk on the phone. Texts make confrontation more doable, and they allow us to stay in touch with people in a way we might not if we couldn’t send them a quick message. But for all of the good, there is, of course, bad. Text messages can be… weird. Annoying. Intrusive. Awkward AF. Completely ridiculous. Should I go on?

Texting is great because it makes it easy to say whatever we want. Texting is bad, because it allows us to say whatever we want. Some thing just, uh, shouldn’t be said… or sent. Like unsolicited dick pics, or really weird flirting statements or fights that are just completely insane. I mean, the list could be endless, but I think you know what I mean. Unfortunately, if you have ever texted anyone, you know that these things are sent. Some are infuriating, but most are so ridiculous that they’re actually funny – funny enough to post on Tumblr and go viral (#goals). So, this is obviously not a complete list, but it is an important one. Here are some of the most ridiculous text messages found on Tumblr. Tell us about crazy texts you’ve gotten in the comments.

1. This… weird attempt at… flirting?



2. This very honest answer:



3. WTF is this and who thinks it’s romantic?



4. This person who doesn’t seem to get how texting works.



5. This horribly frustrating situation that has, in some way, happened to all of us:



6. This exchange that is too real:



7. Why… did this happen?



8. Literally what



9. Okay, ACTUALLY, this is perfect:



10. This truly epic burn:



11. When you get a wrong text that ends up being a gem:



12. When your parents get weird:



13. When you get a response like this one:



14. Actually you’ll only understand this if you have a sister:



15. Do I love this or hate it



16. This beautiful mother daughter interaction:



17. This very sweet relationship text:



18. This absolutely perfect response:



19. When the spelling error is too good to ignore:


Which one of these text messages do you think is the most ridiculous? What’s the weirdest text you’ve ever gotten? Let us know in the comments.

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