14 Style Trends You Won’t Be Able To Escape From This Summer

Spring sprung not so long ago, but already by this time of year everyone is thinking about summer. School is almost out, beach days and pool parties are on the horizon, and you’re ready to officially pack away the sweaters and turtlenecks and bust out the shorts and crop tops. So close, and not so far away.

So, do you know what look you’re going for this summer? Are you still hooked on the ultra ’90s slip dress and t-shirt combo? Are you finally going to rock a pair of fishnets? Will you jump on the early 2000s style bandwagon and swap out that matte lipstick for lipgloss? Whether you’re planning some summer shopping or you just have a lot more time to scroll through your Instagram feed, some things are going to definitely pop out at you: glossy eyelids, embroidery galore, and more tinted sunglasses than an episode of Lizzie McGuire. Whether you love ’em or hate ’em doesn’t matter, because whether you like it or not, you can expect to see these 14 trends dominating summer 2k17.

1. Tinted Sunglasses

tinted sunglasses

Andabrea @ Instagram

The early 2000s are coming back with a fierceness when it comes to accessories, and tinted sunglasses are seriously going to blow up this summer.


2. Embroidery

embroidered dress

Buy it at ASOS for $103.

From embroidered jeans to hippie-like embroidered dresses, embroidery is definitely having a moment. It’s super summer friendly when paired with sheer fabrics like mesh.


3. Lip Gloss

lip gloss

Glossier @ Instagram

It was starting to come back last year, but I think this is finally the time when people are going to (even reluctantly) hop on the gloss train. Just make sure it’s not too sticky, your hair will thank you.


4. Kitten Heels

kitten heels

MansurGarvriel @ Instagram

Yep, kitten heels are making a comeback. You probably either love them or hate them, but regardless, you’re going to see them all over the place this summer, especially with dresses, skirts, and wide leg pants.


5. Dramatic Blush

Eighties influences are trickling into vogue, slowly…but surely. Next to fishnets, dramatic blush might be the next ’80s look to really take over. Rihanna definitely made the case for it at this year’s Met Gala.


6. Box Braid Bob

Long box braids have been reigning supreme for summer hairstyles for a few years now, but I predict that shorter braid styles will have a moment this summer. A friend of mine is already rocking it, and I’m low key thinking about doing it myself!


7. Glossy Eyelids

sable glossy eyelids

Sabletoothtigre @ Instagram

Hey, if glossy lips can make a comeback, why can’t glossy lids have a chance to shine? This look pretty dope with a clear color, but adding pigment into the mix can produce a really cool, dewey effect.


8. Raw Edge Denim

raw edge denim shorts

Buy it at Urban Outfitters for $49.

When busted knees just aren’t your thing, a more subtle way to rock distressed jeans to to wear some jeans with raw hems. It looks so carefree, you know?


9. Funky Eye Makeup

multi color eye makeup milkmakeup

MilkMakeup @ Instagram

Summertime is going to come around and folks are going to leave their ultra natural Naked palette behind and rock some vibrant hues instead. Expect to see some fun multicolored eye makeup looks with plenty of geometric experimentation. Oh, and if you ask me, the hue of choice this summer is going to be a vibrant blue or bright purple. Give it a shot!


10. Crop Flared Pants

Urban Renewal Remade Levis Long Cropped Jean

Buy them at Urban Outfitters for $69.

Think of them as the culotte’s friendlier cousin. You’re going to love to rock them with platforms or loafers with a bit of height to them.


11. Plastic

moto plastic denim pants

Buy them at Top Shop for $100.

Yes…plastic. From plastic-like outerwear to plastic panels in jeans, or totally plastic pants, plastic is having its fashion moment, whether you like it or not.


12. Denim skirts

denim skirt

Buy it at ASOS for $40.

This 2000s staple definitely fell out of popularity, but they’re gearing up for a comeback. Just, don’t expect one that are so short that the pockets are flopping out from underneath.


13. Sheer Ultra Feminine Dresses


Buy it at ASOS for $229.

Sure, you’ll still see plenty of grunge, ’90s inspired sheer tops and dresses here and there, but what you’ll really see is a surge of ultra feminine, refined sheer dresses. Less grunge, more tea party.


14. Oval Sunglasses

unif sunglasses

UNIF @ Instagram

The preferred look of late ’90s hackers and queen bees everywhere.


What other style or beauty trends do you see popping up these days? Do you love ’em or hate ’em? Tell us in the comments!

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