18 Pretty Prom Hairstyles For Curly Hair

If you have curly hair, you probably spend a good amount of your time wishing you had straight hair. And you probably have a permanent cramp in your elbow from constantly straightening your locks. We always seem to want the opposite hair of what we have. However, prom is the time that you should finally stop hating your hair and embrace those gorgeous curls.

If you just do a general prom hairstyle search, about 85 percent of them involve people curling their locks. It doesn’t matter whether they’re going for a boho look or a glam one. You’re already ahead of the game because you’ve got the curls. That means you just need a few twists and pins before you’ve got an oh-so-pretty prom hairstyle. And that’s especially good news if you’re doing your hair at home.

Forget about your flat iron addiction and promise you’ll at least try to embrace your curls, okay? You won’t regret it. Have a look at 18 gorgeous (and easy!) prom hairstyle ideas that will show off your lovely curls.

1. Half-Up Curly Twist



This pretty look is almost as quick to do as a ponytail. And it looks ahhhhhmazing. If you’re feeling fancy, you could try adding some sparkly clips into the mix.


2. Curly Waterfall Braid

curly 2


Whether you’ve got tight spiral curls or undone waves, this braid will work for you. It keeps your hair out of your face while you’re dancing and it allows you to show off an ace makeup look.


3. Twisted Curly Bun



Are your tresses on the shorter side? You can still create an elegant updo. Tie your strands into a low ponytail then twist the ends around.


4. Loose Braided Updo



How sweet is this? You can skip the curling part and go straight into the hairstyle. For more of a boho vibe, add a floral crown.


5. Braided Headband



Braided headbands work for all occasions. Fact. They’re especially great for prom because they help frame your gorgeous face. No one wants to be hiding behind a sea of hair.


6. Curly Ponytail



This hairstyle will look amazing with any hair texture. It also shows that prom hairstyles don’t need to be super complicated to be stunning. Remember that.


7. Gelled Wrap-Around Braids



Here’s a new one for you: Experiment with the finish of your hair as well as the placement. Instead of dry curls, try recreating this wrap-around look with damp or gelled tresses.


8. Layered Low Bun



All of these different sections might look complicated, but they’re not. It’s really just a matter of putting them on top of each other and pinning them in place. You can totally do that.


9. Soft Bun



Hairstyles that are shellacked and gelled within an inch of their life have a reputation as being traditional formal looks, but a more relaxed look is just as appropriate for prom. Take inspo from this hairdo and take it easy on the hairspray.


10. Side-Wrap Braid



The best prom hairstyles consider all angles of your head. No matter what side you’re photographed from, you’ll look on point thanks to this wrap braid.


11. Braided High Bun



Buns are beautiful for curly hair because they allow the texture of your hair to really come through. Same goes for braids. So, combine them together for a stellar look.


12. Pinned-Back Half Updo



It’s amazing how you can come up with fierce hairstyles just by pinning random sections of hair. Pin those front layers of your mane back off of your face for a romantic style.


13. Messy Bun



Did somebody say “gorgeous curly updo?” Skip step one and proceed straight ahead to step two. You’ve already got the amazing curls.


14. Headband Braids



Have you decided that you want to wear your hair down for prom, but you’re still looking for a little something-something? Two skinny headband braids are where it’s at.


15. Curly Twist

curly 15


“Curly twist” might sound like the name of doughnut, but it’s actually a beautiful hairstyle. All you need to do is divide your hair into different ponytails and get tucking.


16. Side Braided Bun



Sometimes it’s actually a good thing to have a hairstyle that is off-center. Case in point: This side braided bun. You can choose whatever side you like.


17. Curly Hair Waterfall Braid



Do you love all of the retro prom movies? Use them as your beauty inspo and try this waterfall braid for curly hair. It’s vintage-inspired but not WTF.


18. Voluminous Chignon

curly 18


Do you sometimes think that “chignon” equals old lady? This elegant hairstyle proves that is definitely not always the case. Imagine it with a sleek LBD and red lipstick. Amaze.


How do you like to wear your curly hair for formal occasions? Let us know in the comments!

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