15 Annoying Things That Only Happen When You Wear A Pad

I wish I had something to say about periods other than “they suck” and “they’re annoying.” But I don’t! Periods do suck, objectively, and they are annoying, so I don’t feel the need to say anything else about them, other than, you know, the obvious. (That they suck and that they are annoying.) But you know what else sucks? Any menstrual product, basically. Tampons can feel weird. DivaCups are scary. Period panties are a scam. But, of all the products one may possibly use to deal with their period, the worst among them, probably, is the sanitary pad.

Clearly, I am not alone in thinking this. Pads do have their merits–they’re great when you first start your period and don’t want to deal with a tampon yet, or think you’re going to get your period but don’t want to put a tampon in dry–but, in general, they are the most reviled of all period products across the board. Why is this? I don’t know–there are only so many reasons. There’s the chafing. The high potential for leaking if a pad happens to shift slightly to the side. The uncomfortable sensation of stewing in your own uterine lining for hours. You get the idea.  So, check out these annoying things that pretty much only happen when you wear a pad:

1. Pads…..are not comfortable:



2. Like, not at all:


3. Why do they do this?


4. Why do we wear them???


5. They never stay where you need them to stay:


6. Which means that you have to do some very public fidgeting:


7. You know when you notice your PERIOD PAD IS IN THE ILLUMINATI AND YOU HAVEN’T BEEN INVITED YET? That sucks:



8. And your friends insist on using them for their punchlines? Which is so rude???



9. So subtle!


10. Nature is so beautiful:



11. I don’t know. Maybe you love pads so much that you want to dress like one?


12. Or not:



13. Solidarity!


14. WHY do they DO THIS?


15. Let’s fix that? Maybe?


Do you wear pads? Can you relate to any of these posts? Let us know in the comments!

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