What You Should Do This Summer, According To Your Sign

What will your summer be like? Obviously, it’s hard to tell, since you’re probably still in school and haven’t started finals just yet. But we can all make plans, right? I mean, your summer probably won’t be the dream summer that you’ve seen in every movie, where the mysterious new model moves in next door and all of a sudden you are caught up in this The Last Song-esque romance. I mean, MAYBE that will happen, but odds are you will just have a pretty regular summer. And that’s okay! Just because your summer is normal, doesn’t mean it has to be boring, right? RIGHT.

You want to make it a “summer to remember” but what does that actually entail? It’s obviously different for everyone – for some people, an epic few months means traveling and seeing new things, for others it means hanging at the beach, and for others it just means relaxing in some cool air conditioning. Maybe you want to try something new to expand your horizons, and if so, you’ve come to the right place. Your horoscope  can help you figure out what you should do this summer! Or, I can use your horoscope to tell you what you should be doing, which honestly makes things very easy for you. Here’s what your summer plans should be, according to your sign:

What are you going to do this summer? Tell us in the comments!

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