16 Girls Who Prove You Don’t Need A Date To Have Fun At Prom

If you ever think about prom–which, at this time of year, I am going to go ahead and assume that you are doing quite frequently–chances are good that you have a few certain connotations that go along with it. Fancy dresses. Equally fancy hair. A weird, soggy buffet in the ballroom of the Elk Lodge in your hometown. And, of course, prom dates.

And you know what? I am going to editorialize here for a moment and say that you should focus a little less on the whole “date” component and spend some more time thinking about the dresses, hair, and food. I am not against going to prom with a date–Lord knows I love a good promposal–nor am I against the concept of prom as a whole. Prom is fun! But, if you take a step back from all the hysteria that surrounds it, and take away the rented hotel ballroom and switch it for the gym that holds most of your school events, it’s really just a glorified school dance. And, if you usually don’t go to school dances with a date, why should it feel compulsory to go with a date to prom? Dates can be fun, but of you force yourself to go with someone just because you feel like you can’t attend a dance alone, chances are good that you’re not exactly going to have the best time. Need some inspiration to go it alone? Check out these girls who prove that you don’t actually need a date to have an awesome time at prom:

1. This girl who created a totally epic promposal for herself:


2. This girl who, in place of a human person as a date(lame) took her Harvard acceptance letter (very cool):


3. This girl who took her teddy bear:

When you don't have a prom date and you gotta take the bear?? #Bae #Prom #NoPromDate

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4. These girls who made some fast food be their date for prom:


5. And who could forget the girl who took Bernie Sanders to prom?


6. Got stood up right before prom? Don’t worry–you can reimburse them in pennies:

@KendallJenner and Jesus: "I follow @kalesalad and u should too".

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7. And take some awesom pictures by yourself:


8. After all, living well is the best revenge:


9. Gorgeous:


10. TRULY, I am living for these:


11. Because, let’s be real–dances are so much more fun with your friends, right?


12. You don’t have to take them quite so seriously:


13. You get to pick your own corsage:


14. (Instead of dealing with this mess):

Wearing a croissant would be better

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15. Basically? You don’t need a date to prom:


16. We promise:

Are you going to prom this year? Do you have a date, or are you planning on going solo like these girls?

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