15 Little Unique Accessories To Help You Stand Out At Prom

Prom season is here, which means you probably already have your hair style picked out and your dress all ready to go. If you don’t, then you better get on that, girl! But if you do have your dress, then you might be facing a little bit of an issue: standing out at prom. Sure, you might not WANT to stand out at prom, but hear me out: you want everyone to look at you and be like “damn…she looks AMAZING.” Since you will look amazing, of course. But, there are other ways to look amazing besides just having on a killer dress and a pretty hair style.  It’s all about the accessories.

Okay, you might be hesitant to wear cute accessories to prom since, obviously, the main focus of your outfit should be the dress, right? I mean, sure, it’s probably the most expensive part of your outfit, but why should it be the main part? You want to be able to express yourself and stand out from the crowd, and wearing some awesome little accessories can do just that. If you need some help, take  a look at these small accessories that will totally help you stand out at prom.

1. A pair of unique shoes that no one else will be wearing. These would look great with a plain black dress:
Ferra Heel, Betsey Johnson , $99.


2. A trendy choker:

Disc Choker, Charming Charlie, $8


3. If you want to go for an ~edgy~ look, wear a fake nose ring. It’s a little weird, but who cares? It’s prom!:

Faux Nose Rings, Claire’s, $12.99.


4. For something REALLY different, try a cute and quirky bag that nobody else will be wearing, like this pineapple bag:

Kitsch Pineapple Crossbody, Betsey Johnson, $88


5. Add A leather jacket to your dress for a truly IDGAF look:
Biker Jacket, H&M, $59.99.


6. Nails are accessories, too! Pick a bold design or pattern to dress up your look:



7. Try a pretty hair accessory, like a hair chain:

Rhinestone Hair Chain, Charming Charlie, $12.99


8. Or, of course, you can update a classic flower crown and wear a succulent crown:

Succulent crown, Etsy, $98


9. Or a turquoise headband, that will totally stand out:
Teal Headband, Headbands Of Hope, $24.85


10. Go with an ear cuff that will add a subtle edge:

Mac Ear Cuff, Urban Outfitters, $16


11. Hold you phone in a ~stylish~ way by getting a crossbody phone holder:
Tassel Crossbody, Charming Charlie, $18


12. If you want to go with minimal jewelry, try wearing just one bold piece, like a cocktail ring:
Beautiful Nightmare Ring, 7 Charming Sisters, $27

13. Add a delicate arm cuff for a chic look:

Cool Gold Arm Cuff, Lulu’s, $12


14. Or go for a practical accessory, like a watch:
Pineapple Watch, ASOS, $26


15. You can never go wrong with a cute pair of studs to give your look some edge:
Rosey Kitty Earrings, Betsey Johnson, $30


Are you going to try any of these accessories? Tell us in the comments!

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