How To Actually Cover Up A Hickey With Makeup

You just had really hot hookup session with bae and you were probably feeling super giddy about it as you walked home. You pranced up to your room and you were about to lie on your bed and fantasize about the events when you noticed something in the mirror. Yup, those are red and purple marks on your neck. Ugh.


You can call ’em hickies or you can call ’em love bites. No matter what name you give them, the thing is that you want them gone ASAP.  Those bites and sucks might have felt amazing when you and your SO were hooking up, but now that’s over, you don’t want the evidence of what you and bae did on your neck. Here’s how to cover them up using makeup.

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So, I don’t have to hide under turtlenecks and infinity scarves until the hickies go away?

Nope. You could do that if you’re a fan of scarves and tops with high necks, but you can cover up those hickies with makeup so you’re free to wear almost anything you want.

Sweet. So, I probably need some special product to hide my love bites, right?

The good news is that you probably already have the products in your makeup bag. You don’t need to make an emergency trip to the drugstore to pick up a special “Hickies Be Gone!” concealer, or anything like that.

What products and tools do I need?

Go start digging around in your makeup bag for a primer, concealer, powder, and a green-based concealer or color corrector. It’s also helpful to have a yellow-based concealer or color corrector, and makeup setting spray, too. And don’t forget any brushes or sponges you need to apply the products.

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Green and yellow concealer, huh?

Don’t worry, the green and yellow won’t show when you’re finished with the tutorial. The green helps to neutralize the red tones of your hickey while the yellow can help counteract any purple.  (It’s color theory 101, people.) And they get covered with your regular concealer.

If you don’t have a color-correcting kit or concealers, you could potentially go without either of them or use an eyeshadow, but note that the results probably won’t be as good.

Okay, so how do I use the products?

After you have cleansed, the first thing you will want to do is prime the area using your face primer so your cover up will last as long as possible. Then comes the color corrector. Apply a green one to any red areas and a yellow-based concealer or color corrector to any purplish spots.

The next step is concealer. The best concealer is a cream formula that’s applied with a dense brush, but anything that you have in your makeup bag can help. Once you’ve applied concealer, “seal” everything in by dusting over the area with powder and a fluffy brush. If you’re concerned about staying power, you could even try spraying the area with a makeup setting spray. Et voila, you’re done. No more visible hickey.

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What if my hickies are like really obvious?

If you follow the steps and have the right products, that sucker should get covered up. However, if you find that you can still see it, your concealer might not be thick enough. Keep layering it on with the color-correcting products and that love mark should fade.

If you’re using a sponge to apply your concealer or your fingers, try switching to a dense concealer brush because that provides full coverage.

Any other tips?

Oh, make sure that the concealer actually matches the area you’re applying it to, like your neck. Sometimes our faces and necks are different colors.

And once you’ve finished your cover up, try not to touch the area or wear anything that would rub against it. You don’t want to smudge off all the products you’ve just applied.


Have you ever tried to hide hickies with makeup? Let us know in the comments!

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