Quiz: What Style Bathing Suit Should You Wear This Summer?

Happy summer! Well, technically it is not summer quite yet. It is just barely May, in fact, which means that you still probably have a few classes and finals to go, which, of course, is when summer feels like it’s the farthest away. But, believe it or not, summer is close. It’s so close, in fact, that you’ve probably already found yourself planning certain parts of it–you know, like, the vacations you’re going to take with your friends. How many hours, exactly, you’re going to spend by the pool. How much of a profit you’re going to turn at your minimum-wage summer job. (Don’t think about that one too much.)


And, of course, it also means that you should probably start thinking about getting a bathing suit, too. And, yes–finding a bathing suit is typically one of the worst parts of the summer. But this year, it doesn’t have to be, because we’ve put together a quiz to tell you exactly what you should wear this year. So, take this quiz to find out the style of bathing suit that you should wear this year:


Which bathing suit did you get? Were you surprised by your results? Let us know in the comments!

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