7 Of The Worst Life Lessons Movies Taught You

There are some great life lessons that we can all learn from movies, whether it’s a silly romantic comedy, or serious movie about relationships. We tend to relate our life experiences to movie experiences, since we learn from example, right? Sure, we might not know what to do in a human/vampire/werewolf love triangle situation, but that’s what Twilight is for! All kidding aside, there are some movies that teach us actual, real goals. And then, on the other hand, there are some movies that teach us literal garbage life lessons that you should never, ever follow.

Obviously, movies are a work of fiction, so you shouldn’t take them super seriously. But that doesn’t mean there should be at least a little bit of truth to them (unless they are satire, of course). Either way, it’s frustrating to see some things work on on screen, but not work out IRL. The other day, I found a Reddit thread of movie life lessons that are just NOT realistic. I get that these are movies, but it can be discouraging to see the geek get their crush on screen when that CLEARLY doesn’t happen IRL. If you’re curious, check out some of the worst life lessons that movies have taught us, and be sure not to take every movie so seriously.

Changing Yourself For A Boy Totally Works

In Grease, Sandy and Danny were not really working out, but, all of a sudden, when she put on leather pants and started smoking a cigarette, then they were all "happily ever after." Uncle_monty said, " Grease: Change yourself to fit in with others." That's...messed up. Changing your appearance won't get someone to like you and if it DOES, then they are shallow AF.

Image Source: Grease

The Underdogs Always Win

Ganglebot said, "Maybe the little-league team who's been training for 2 years should be able to beat the rag-tag, underdog team assembled 2 weeks ago. I'm just saying that we should be portraying handwork and practice more as more virtuous qualities than plucky crammers." This happens a lot in movies, it's hard to pinpoint just one. There are so many instances of people getting involved in things that they don't really know how to do, but, somehow they win anyway. That doesn't happen IRL.

Image Source: Bring It On

You Can Fix Someone

Lauren239 said, "Romantic comedies where the girl stays with the man to fix his player ways. It teaches girls to put up with a guys shit and that we can fix it when in the end he is just a crap person." Yep, people can probably change, but they have to do it themselves, and you can't do it for them. But, a lot of movies make it seem like you can just change someone at the drop of a hat. You can't!

Image Source: Friends With Benefits

Being A Stalker Is Fine

Reizo23 said, "Any chick flick where the main character resorts to ridiculous stalker-like tactics to check up on her boyfriend just because she's insecure.IRL, that's not okay and it's highly unlikely he's going to forgive you so easily." Asking what your BF is doing that night? Fine. Getting an app that can unlock his phone and see if he's cheating on you? Not fine. Creepy.

Image Source: Mean Girls

What BDSM Actually Is

ElMachoGrande said, "Fifty Shades Of Grey. That shit isn't BDSM, and anyone who models their BDSM life from that movie are dangerous to themselves and others." This movie very inaccurately portrays BDSM, and also gives the false idea that an abusive relationship is cool. Ugh.

Image Source: Fifty Shades Of Grey

The Geeky Girl Gets The Guy

Spacegod87 said, "It really speaks volumes about Hollywood when a nerdy, genuinely unattractive guy gets the hot girl in so many movies but when they try and do the reverse, you get a few movies where a hot girl wearing glasses passes as the dorky, plain nerd who gets the hot guy.I'm looking at you, She's All That." Okay, maybe it happens sometimes, but, come on, it's pretty rare that the geek actually gets the pretty girl.

Image Source: She's All That

You Can Love Someone Without Knowing Them

Troyareyes said, "And I'm really bothered by movies like this (even high school movies like Can't Hardly Wait) where the protagonist "loves" the popular girl without ever really talking to her. It's like, no dude, you're just horny" Also, teens who just assume they are in love after meeting someone for one minute. It's not like that at all!

Image Source: Can't Hardly Wait

What movie lessons did we miss?  Tell us in the comments!

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