8 Things You Think Make You Seem Mature That Actually Make You Seem Immature

When you’re in high school and sometimes even in college, you’ll spend a lot of time desperately wanting the people around you to think you’re mature and grown-up – this is especially true if you try to impress older people or your parents. There’s nothing wrong with that (most people spend their younger years wishing they were older, and then regretting that later on, although that’s another story), it’s just that it usually results in you purposely doing the wrong things to come off as more mature. Real maturity is a bit more difficult to grasp onto than saying certain things or wearing certain clothes. Oftentimes the things we think make us look older backfire completely, and make us look immature.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t things you can do to look more mature – there are some tips and tricks out there on looking put together and older that really work and fool people (this is an adult secret). It’s just that these tips usually require a little bit more time and effort than you might think, and honestly? They can be difficult to nail down as well. You might not be able to fake maturity, so why bother? If you’re confused, check out these things you’re doing that you think make you seem more mature when they’re actually doing the exact opposite. And don’t feel bad – we have all been there!

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  • Being mature is all relative… I mean I like watching certain cartoons, but like every adult, I am wise and try my hardest wherever I go.. That’s true maturity – being responsible and try your hardest to do the right thing, even when hard.