7 Period Sex Myths You Need To Get Over Now

If you were to enter a crowded room and, for whatever reason, yell “period sex” so loud that everyone in the room was forced to turn around and stare at you, chances are, you’d get a lot of negative responses.

Well, actually, you’d probably just get kicked out. This is a weird hypothetical exercise that would probably never happen IRL (please don’t walk into a crowded room and yell “period sex”) (unless you have been instructed to do so) (but even then, use caution, because it could very well be a rude prank), but the overall reaction would probably remain the same, no matter what the exact context was. Period sex has a weird taboo that you have doubtless experienced at one point or another, whether it was something you’ve heard in casual conversation or something that has actually happened to you. And you know what? It’s dumb. Periods are normal and sex is normal, so it’s odd, frankly, for anyone to act as though those two things put together are abnormal, somehow. Period sex is totally normal.

Of course, period sex just might not be your thing on, like, a personal level, and that’s totally fine. Not everyone likes it. Still, there are some weird myths and misconceptions out there about period sex that you probably believe and, no matter how you feel about the act itself, you should probably (definitely) know what’s really going on. So, check out these period sex myths that you need to get over now:

You Won't Want To Have Sex If You're On Your Period

I mean, you know yourself best, so you're the best judge as to whether or not you want to have sex when you're on the period. But a lot of women actually tend to feel more aroused when they're on their period--the exact reason as to why this is hasn't been determined, but some people think it's because women experience greater "pelvic congestion" (aka moisture) when they're on their period, which makes you more inclined to want to have sex. Again, you know yourself best, so don't force yourself to have sex if you're really not feeling it. But if you do feel a little more aroused, well, you're definitely not alone.

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Period Sex Is Too Messy

It's really not. All you have to do is put down a dark-colored towel before you do it. Or, if you can, take it to the shower--this washes everything off right away, so you don't have to do it yourself.

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You Can't Get Pregnant If You Have Sex On Your Period

Sorry. Not true. While it's true that your chances of getting pregnant are reduced when you're on your period, since you aren't ovulating ,it's definitely still possible. Plus, being on your period doesn't protect you from STIs, even if your chances of getting pregnant are lower, so you definitely need to be using protection.

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Your Period Will Be Heavier If You Have Sex

It might feel heavier at first, since having sex can push out menstrual blood faster in the moment.  But apparently, period sex can actually make the period shorter. This is because an orgasm can increase endometrial shedding, which makes the period end sooner. (Which, FWIW, is also probably a good reason to masturbate on your period. You know, if you're feeling it.)

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It Won't Actually Feel Good 

False! First of all, your period is basically natural lube, so if you ever have issues with dryness or discomfort down there, you probably won't need to worry about it. And, if you're worried about cramps getting in the way, don't--having sex releases endorphins, which can help alleviate pain and feelings of crampiness.

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No One Else Does It

I mean, sure, people don't really talk about having sex on their period all that much. But that doesn't mean that it doesn't happen--according to a study done last year by Flex, about eighty percent of sexually active people have had sex when they're on their period. Which is, uh, a lot more than how it might seem if you've never actually talked about it with anyone before.

Menstrual Blood Can Harm Penises

Uh, no. Not sure how that myth got started (probably around the same time that the myth about women's period blood being impure and tainted got started? IDK!), but, um, that is not true. If you're having sex with a guy, his penis will be just fine--you should be using a condom anyway, which should take care of any, uh, mess on the guy's penis.

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Were you surprised by any of these things? Which ones? Let us know in the comments!

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