16 DIY Ways To Make Oversized Clothes Fit Again

We all have that section of our closet full of clothes that no longer fit us (no? Just me? Okay, then just pretend). It might be clothes that used to fit before you lost or gained weight, clothes that you bought without trying on and then never returned even though they didn’t fit correctly, or pieces that got stretched out or destroyed in some other way. We hold onto them for a few reasons: we’re hopeful that one day they’ll fit again, we keep forgetting about them and then can’t part with them, or we’re just too lazy to throw them out. But here’s the good news: you might actually want to hold on to the oversized clothes you’re hoarding, because there are a few easy ways to make them fit again. 

A little creativity and some easy sewing can transform pieces that are too big on you into items that fit perfectly and look totally updated, whether it’s a shirt, sweater, jeans, or a dress. I wouldn’t exactly go out and purposely buy big clothes to tweak them, but these are great tips if you want to salvage an old favorite. They are also ideal for thrift store shopping – if you see an item you love, but it’s just too big on you, you can make it work and pay a super cheap price for it. It’s a win all around! If you’re ready to get creative, here are some DIY ways to make oversized clothes fit again and to refashion your items you thought were goners.

1. Take in your jeans at the waist.



One of the worst things ever is when the waist of your jeans stretches out and feels way too big, or if your hips/legs are larger than your waist and you have to buy jeans that have a larger waist. Luckily, a little sewing action can make your jeans fit a whole lot better.


2. Turn an oversized button down into a cute tank.



Don’t throw away an oversized button down – turn it into a really cute button down tank top. I love the option of the added bow at the collar.


3. Turn a large dress into a smaller sun dress.



A dress that is too long and loose can easily be transformed into a cute mini dress with a few tweaks – perfect for thrift store finds.


4. Turn baggy jeans into a denim skirt.



Instead of throwing away your old jeans or spending money on a trendy denim skirt you might not wear very often, take those oversized jeans and make them into that skirt you love.


5. Make a large tee into a fitted tee.



I feel like it’s so common to end up with a collection of oversized tees you end up only wearing to bed, even though they’re cute. Use these tricks to turn your big shirt into a fitted one.


6. Take an oversized dress and make it into a midi and crop top set.



How clever is this? It’s great for thrift store finds or for that dress you ordered and don’t want to return.


7. Shorten your jeans without making them look weird.



Hemming jeans can leave them with a weird bottom that looks unnatural. This tutorial shows you how to hem them and keep the bottoms looking exactly the same.


8. Turn an oversized maxi dress into a chic jumpsuit.



This doesn’t have to be done with a denim dress, although that will probably be the most sturdy material. Do it with any large maxi dress!


9. Go from large tee to adorable swimsuit coverup.  



This is a fun and easy way to make an old t-shirt into something that looks brand new. It’s perfect for the upcoming warm weather.


10. Make baggy sweats into fitted sweats. 



Sometimes pajama pants get a little too bummy looking. Make yours into trousers you aren’t embarrassed about wearing with this tutorial.


11. Make wide leg jeans skinny jeans.



If your pants feel too baggy and long, turn them into a pair of cropped straight leg jeans. This is such a great way to hold onto old favorites.


12. Tailor a large dress shirt yourself.



If you have big boobs, chances are good that you have to buy oversized button down shirts so that they fit that area. Here’s how to take them in so that they fit everywhere else as well.


13. Go from oversized dress to cute top.




Love a dress that’s too big but not sure what to do with it? Make it into a fitted top!


14. Transform a boxy shirt into a more feminine style.



Combine two shirts that don’t fit into one that does. Of course you can play around with different options if you don’t like this combination of patterns, but the tutorial is the same.


15. Get a new tank out of an oversized button down.



This is so cool and unique looking, and it’s a great way to make button downs last longer.


16. Go from boring white shirt to something more stylish.



Which one of these tutorials are you going to try? How do you deal with oversized clothing? Share in the comments below.

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