15 Best Memes Of Beyonce Reading A Menu You Need To See Now

One Wednesday night, Beyonce (Knowles. You may be familiar with her) posted a photo on Instagram. Actually, she posted a bunch of photos–eight, to be exact–using Instagram’s new-ish album function that allows users to upload multiple photos at once. Why am I telling you this? Great question. While Beyonce’s Instagram activity is always notable, it is not always news-worthy, unless she uses it to announce her pregnancy, or when one of the pictures she posts becomes a meme. Last night, it was the latter:


As you can see, Beyonce is reading a menu in a manner that is not unlike the way you or I, two normal humans, might read a menu. But Beyonce, of course, is no normal human, so what she may actually be doing while looking at this menu is up for debate. Is she asking for production rights over the menu? Threataning to sue for infringement? Asking for some elaborate off-the-menu order alterations? Who knows! It was this, then–the apparent normalcy of Beyonce’s actions combined with whatever she might actually be doing to counteract that normalcy–that birthed a pretty perfect meme. Check it out here:

1. I’m the waitress:


2. Heh:


3. Maybe she’s quibbling over her bill?


4. (Not that she knows what a menu bill looks like in 2017, but, you know, it’s the thought that counts):


5. (There were a lot of jokes about that):


6. Or maybe she’s just arguing with the staff over what’s actually on the menu?


7. Must be nice:


8. Really nice!


9. TBH:


10. Isn’t it fun to imagine that bEyonce, like us, might worry about money from time to time?


11. My personal fav:


12. Beautiful:


13. This one never gets old, somehow:


14. Ah, yes:


15. I mean. I’d be stressed, too:

What do you think of this meme? Which ones is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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