7 Signs Your Ex Boyfriend Definitely Isn’t Over You

Recently, a brand new “dating trend” caught my attention. It’s weird to call it a dating trend, really, since it occurs when you’re not actually dating, but stick with me here: the new trend is called “haunting” and, no, it’s not the same thing as ghosting, even if they sound similar. Haunting refers to that situation many of us have been in before – you used to hook up with someone or seriously date them, but then things didn’t work out. Whether the breakup was mutual or messy, you assumed it was over, the metaphorical flame had gone out, and you were moving on. That is, until, one day months later when, completely out of nowhere, your ex bae tries to get in touch with you. They are haunting you. 


It sounds creepy, it also sounds hilarious, TBH. Haunting came about when girls started realizing that their past ghosts (exes) are still keeping tabs on them. AKA haunting. What does it mean when an ex starts haunting you? Well, it can be a few things: maybe they are just curious about your life or genuinely care. Or maybe, just maybe, they actually are not over you, and are wistfully watching your social media accounts, waiting for the moment to make a move. They aren’t over you, and this is how they’re showing it. But how do you know for sure? For starters, take a look at these obvious signs a guy totally isn’t over you and is, in fact, haunting you. (BTW: You should keep in mind that there is a fine line between “haunting” and “semi-stalking” so if a past bae ever gets too creepy on you, you shouldn’t ignore it.)

Have you ever been “haunted?” Tell us in the comments!

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