20 Unique Mother’s Day Gifts You Can Order From Amazon

You might have a lot of other important things to focus on in your life, but like it or not, Mother’s Day is right around the corner. This means you need to get some money together, put aside a little time, and pick out a gift for your mom that will make her feel as appreciated as she deserves. If you aren’t crafty, this means you’ll be purchasing something, and picking that out can be a struggle. Maybe you have no idea what your mom would like, maybe you don’t want to spend a lot, or maybe you waited until the last minute and now you can’t possibly make it to the store and where are you going to order something that will make it in time?

There are tons and tons of ideas for perfect Mother’s Day gifts, but if you want to buy something a little more on the unique side, I’ve got you covered. Sure, these are still some basic ideas, but they’re all fun and I bet any mom would like any of them. Forget the mom coupon books that you never follow through on and the overpriced flowers that die within a day or two – get your mom something she’ll use and love. Here are a few options – these are some unique Mother’s Day gift ideas found on Amazon, of all places, which makes things even more convenient.

1. A Cool Apron


Remind your mom that everything she does makes her Wonder Woman with an apron that also makes her look like Wonder Woman. It’s inexpensive, adorable, and actually useful.

Spoontiques Wonder Woman Apron, $16.18


2. A Personalized Cookbook


Of course, not all moms cook (look at Kirsten on The O.C., for example), but if your mom does enjoy it, then a personalized cookbook is a really thoughtful gift. It lets her compile her favorites all in one easy spot.

Meadowsweet Kitchens Create Your Own Cookbook, $29.99


3. An Adult Coloring Book


Coloring books might not be quite as trendy as they were a mere few months ago, but that doesn’t negate their benefits – they are great for releasing creativity and helping to get rid of stress. This one is funny and something any mom will appreciate.

#MomLife: A Snarky Adult Coloring Book, $8.09


4. A Fun Mug


Because literally every mom wants to be the cool mom – not the “regular” mom. This mug is so cute and, I mean, let’s be real – who doesn’t need a new coffee mug sometimes?

Whoisyourdaddy Mug, $13.99


5. A Spa Gift Card


When in doubt, buy your mom a spa gift card. She can have some time to herself doing something relaxing and soothing, and really, that’s all moms want on Mother’s Day.

Spafinder Wellness 365, your choice of value


6. A Cheeky Wine Glass


If your mom drinks wine, she’ll definitely appreciate this wine glass, which will remind her – and everyone else – she’s the queen of the household.

Duvino Queen Wine Glass, $14.97


7. A Fun Tumbler


This is just a really cute gift that doesn’t require a lot of thought or money. And honestly, that’s something you need sometimes.

Kate Spade Eat Cake For Breakfast Tumbler, $15


8. A Sentimental Item


Maybe your mom is into sweet, kitchy items like these – no judgment! This tea towel is useful and also just has a nice message on it, especially if you live at college or just out of the house in general.

Primitives By Kathy Tea Towel, $9.99


9. Jewelry


If you want to spend a little more, you can always give your mom a nice piece of jewelry. I love Dogeared because they always offer nice pieces with really sweet sayings on the packaging.

Dogeared Reminders Necklace, $58


10. Funny Stationary


Now your mom can feel free to leave her sarcastic comments all over everything. She’ll love this.

Knock Knock Seriously? Sticky Notes, $7.99


11. A Cool Coffee Maker


If your mom runs on coffee, she’ll love a good pour-over coffee maker, which can make her feel fancy and give her a better cup of joe. This one is inexpensive, works, and looks cool.

HIC Pour-Over Coffee Maker, $24.70


12. A Funny Movie


Give your mom some much-needed mom humor with a copy of Bad Moms. It’s kind of a gag gift, but it’s also cute.

Bad Moms, $9.99


13. Mom Cartoons


Again, let your mom enjoy some mom humor with a book of cartoons that can double as a coffee table book. It’s funny!

The New Yorker Magazine Book Of Mom Cartoons, $10.85


14. A Sassy T-Shirt


Now you’ll know whenever your mom is in a bad mood – she can just wear this t-shirt to alert you so you know not to ask her something. See? It’s a gift for both of you.

Thread Tank Nope Not Today T-Shirt, $24.99 – $25.99


15. A Good Book


If your mom loves to read, then why not surprise her with a great new book? I just read The Nightingale after my mom let me borrow it, and it was a great read, but of course, you can pick any book you’d like.

The Nightingale Novel by Kristin Hannah, $15.75


16. A Cheese Board Set


My mom recently purchased a cheese board after I talked her into it and she’s obsessed with it – I kind of wish I had saved it as a Mother’s Day gift. This is even cuter if you add some cheese to the mix.

Decodyne Cheese Board Set, $29.95


17. A Waterproof Speaker


A little speaker for the shower is a great gift for anyone – it’s practical and fun at the same time. These are inexpensive and easy to figure out.

Soundbot Waterproof Speaker, $13.99


18. A Tracker


If your mom is anything like mine, she’s constantly losing…. everything. Make it a little easier with a tracker like this one that will help her find her stuff quickly.

Great Vibez Key Finder, $23.95


19. An Instant Printer


Is your mom always asking you to “please print out that cute photo of you and your brother so I can have an updated picture to show on my desk since everyone else does?” No? Just me? Well, if she is, then problem solved – this instant printer will give her polaroids to deal with until you can print something out in a larger size.

Polaroid Zip Mobile Printer, $109.99


20. An Ice Cream Maker


You’re giving the gift of ICE CREAM. Do I need to explain why it’s great?

West Blend Hershey’s Dual Single Serve Ice Cream Machine, $36.75


Which one of these gift ideas is your favorite? What are you getting your mom for Mother’s Day? Let us know in the comments.

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