The One Thing You Didn’t Know You Should Be Doing With Balls

Let’s talk about balls. And yes, I’m talking about a dude’s balls, AKA testicles, and not, you know, the kind used to play basketball or baseball. I know balls can be a little intimidating and kind of creepy looking (sorry), but they are a thing that most guys have, so we might as well have an honest and open conversation about them. And really, if you think about it… what do balls kind of remind you of? You probably haven’t thought about it because, LBR, you probably don’t sit around thinking about balls all day (no shame if you do, I won’t judge). But, if you take a second and actually think about balls… they are weirdly similar to beautyblenders…right?

Obviously, I am not telling you to replace your trusty beautyblender with the balls of your boyfriend, because that seems complicated. Or am I? In the weirdest news of today, an innovative teen from Florida decided to try it out. She first posed the question as a Twitter poll, as one does:

She probably didn’t expect it to blow up, and she probably didn’t expect people to actually want to see it. Well, this is the Internet in 2017, so of course they did. If you’re curious, take a look at this video that is NOT safe for school/work/the faint of heart. Graphic content included!!!!

Yes it’s weird and a little concerning. But does it work? Apparently so:

Is it necessary? Absolutely not. It is funny and slightly disturbing? Totally. There are a ton of things you can use as a beauty blender, like eggs, tomatoes, or even condoms. But, there are some pretty famous makeup artists that are picking up on Johnna’s trend, like Jeffree Star:

and Manny MUA:

She also lowkey helped some girls realize that they can be happy and comfortable with their partners:

Look: even if your bae is cool with this, I still can’t, in good conscious, tell you to try this. Is it hygienic? It doesn’t seem to be. Will it work better than an actual makeup sponge? No, I can promise you it will not. Is it messier? Absolutely. Is it some kind of strange foreplay? Possibly. Can we be sure that using makeup on a guy’s balls is safe for either one of you? Not at all, so you might want to proceed with caution… or just leave it to the experts. Or, you know, your beautyblender.


Are you going to try this weird trend? Tell us in the comments!

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