16 Ways To Get Your Eyeshadow To Last All Day

I have oily eyelids, which means that eyeshadow and I sometimes don’t get along. You might not even think oily lids are a thing, but they are. And they can cause even the best eyeshadows to crease and smudge.

It’s sometimes enough to make me want to give up wearing eyeshadow all together. That might sound like an extreme reaction, but I would rather not wear it than have it look like garbage. And I’m sure there are a few people out there who are nodding their heads knowingly in agreement. If you’re like me, the good news is that you don’t have to give up your love of pastel/neon/neutral/all of the above shadows. There are lot of ways to make your eyeshadow last.

It doesn’t matter whether your have monolids, oily lids, dry lids, large lids, or tiny ones, all of these hacks will make a difference in your eyeshadow application. The bit of extra time you spend doing them in the morning means that you might not have to deal with touch-ups throughout the day. How sweet is that? Check out 16 ways you can make your eyeshadow last all day long. You’re welcome.

1. Use an eyeshadow primer.



A primer for your foundation can make an amazing difference and the same deal applies for an eyeshadow primer. The primer will also help the shadow go on smoother and held stop the color from fading.


2. Layer on your powdered shadow.



One layer of powdered eyeshadow is good, but multiple ones are better. They don’t need to be thick, cake-y layers. Just dusting on a few layers of eyeshadow will up its staying power. There’s no need to use half that compact for one application.


3. Use an eye pencil as your base.



Here’s a pro makeup move: Use an eye pencil in a coordinating shade as your shadow as a base. This way the powder will have something to stick to. Simply color all over your lid with the pencil then apply your shadow on top.


4. Wear a cream eyeshadow under a powder one.



I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Layers are the key when it comes to making your eyeshadow last. Instead of sticking with one kind of shadow, trying sporting a cream shadow under your powder one.


5. Apply it wet.



If you haven’t played around with applying powdered eyeshadow with a wet shadow brush, do it. Not only do you get more pigment, it can also help the color last longer. Wear a wet eyeshadow by itself or with powder on top.


6. Prime your eyes with concealer.



No eyeshadow primer on hand? No worries, you can use concealer. Just make sure that you’re using a concealer that is suitable to be used on the eye area. If you want, you can even use concealer and primer.


7. Dust a translucent powder over your eyeshadow.



Translucent powder can make all of the difference in your foundation application and the same thing can be said if you dust a bit of powder over your eye makeup. Just make sure you’re using a formula that is suitable for the eye area and one that has been ophthalmologist-tested.


8.Try using a makeup transformer.



Have you ever come across those fancy makeup transformers at the beauty counter and wondered what they’re for? They’re actually for turning eyeshadow into eyeliner. You can actually mix that formula up then apply it like an eyeshadow. The liquid texture sometimes lasts longer than the powdered one.


9. Use your finger to press your shadow in.


Are you a fan of cream shadows you apply with your fingers? Instead of rubbing it on your eye, using a pressing technique to gently push the color onto your lid. Just remember to not apply too much pressure. This is your delicate eye area that we’re talking about.


10. Incorporate a pigment.



I’m not talking about pigments in terms of eyeshadow colors. I’m talking about multipurpose pigment beauty products. You can apply them pretty much anywhere to get a shot of color. They also make a great base for applying your eyeshadow.


11. Ensure that you’re starting with a clean base.



If you haven’t washed your face, don’t bother applying that eyeshadow or even the rest of your makeup. You need a cleansed face before you can start applying your makeup. Otherwise all of the dirt and oil will prevent the shadow from staying on.


12. Use blotting sheets on your eyes.



It sounds weird but trust me on this. Your eyes get greasy just like the rest of your face. Use an ophthalmologist-tested blotting sheet on your eyes before you apply foundation to soak up any lurking grease.


13. Ensure that there is no makeup remover on your eyes.


Makeup remover equals the worst thing to be applying eye makeup on. You might not think that you have any makeup remover on your face, but it could be hanging around from the last time you washed your face. Run a tissue or cotton ball over your lids to get rid of any potential residue.


14. Don’t rub your eyes.



I have to say it. And while you’re at it, don’t be pulling, scratching, patting, or doing anything with your fingers in your general eye area. Your fingers are greasy things that will mess up your makeup with even the lightest touch.


15. Look for waterproof and smudge-resistant formulas.



Long-wearing, smudge-proof, budge-proof, cry-proof, waterproof, fade-resistant. These are all of the words that we like to hear and they’re all things you should be looking for on your eyeshadow package.


16. Try a makeup setting spray.



A primer is great, but a makeup setting spray can help *seal* in your entire look. After you’ve done your face, spritz a little on. It’s like a top coat that will stop all of your makeup from migrating.


What other eye makeup tips have you tried to get your makeup to last? Let us know in the comments!

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