9 Of The Weirdest Places People Actually Have Sex

When you have sex, you (most likely) do it in a bed. It makes sense! Having sex in a bed seems totally natural and comfy AF, so it does make sense that when you think about getting it on, it’s probably in a bed. But, have you ever had sex in another place? It can be scary. Have you ever thought about having sex in public? I know, it’s daunting and sounds a little risky, but believe it or not, a lot of people have sex in public. And I don’t mean just out in the middle of the street. You don’t even know what kind of germs lurk there, plus, you really don’t want people to catch you. So, if you want to have sex in public, you need to get a little creative.

By creative, I don’t mean pitch a tent in your front yard and do it. I mean, you can if you want, but I’m talking about other public places where you can have sex without risking getting caught. I know when you think of “public place” you probably think of the food court of the mall or the halls of your school. I do not suggest getting it on in those places, but if you need some tips, you should take a look at these places that people have actually had sex in public, according to this new study. Try it out, but be safe!

Have you ever had sex in these public places? Tell us in the comments!

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