13 Study Hacks You Should Never Actually Try

You know what is hard? Studying. I mean, there are other things that are probably harder, if you want to get technical about it–becoming a coal miner, for example, or being one of those people who decide to live full-time in a van and try and convince other people that it’s actually fun–but, when you are studying, it can often feel like one of the hardest things in the world to do.

It’s no surprise, then, that there are a ton of tips online that promise to make studying significantly easier in some way. I have spent a lot of time checking out these study hacks, and most of them range from being perfectly fine to pretty great, even if they’re from sources that your teachers might not completely endorse, like Pinterest and Tumblr. But some of them–which, incidentally, are most often from Pinterest and Tumblr–are, uh, not so great. Some of them just don’t make sense, and are unlikely to improve your grade in any way, and some of them are basically just plagiarism tips that could get you expelled. So, check out these study hacks that you should never actually try:

1. Where…is..the attribution for this?




2. And this?chocolate-studying



3.  This seems…messy? And like a lot of work?




4. As far as studying tips go, highlighting doesn’t really work. It’s fine every now and then for reviewing material, but complicated systems like this are basically just a waste of time:

highlighter tip



5. If you want a sloppy, disjointed paper, you can try this technique. Otherwise? Skip it:




6. Your teacher will check for this. Don’t try it:font-size-essay Source
7. They’ll check for this, too. (Also, maybe don’t get your study tips from YikYak?)




8. What?




9. This might work, but you won’t learn anything, so your teacher will probably consider it cheating:photo-math-app



10. No:reading


11. This one starts off strong, I guess?



12. How is this true??



13. Proven by WHOM?study-tip-pinterest






Have you ever tried any of these studying hacks? Which ones? Let us know in the comments!

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