13 Ways To Keep Mascara From Getting On Your Eyelids

If you have ever worn mascara, you will know that, for whatever reason, mascara hates staying on your actual lashes. This is incredibly rude for a lot of reasons–because, you know, mascara was literally created to go on your lashes–but such is life, I suppose. Mascara flakes. It steaks. It clumps. Another thing it does? Gets stuck on your eyelids.

This is perhaps not as grievous an offense as, say, a well-developed spider-lash clump (you know what I’m talking about), but it’s still pretty annoying. It creates a misshapen, lumpy effect that distracts from whatever look you were actually trying to do, and it’s pretty hard to remove without taking off all of your makeup. But. There is good news (there almost always is when it comes to makeup!), and it is that it is pretty easy to prevent mascara from getting stuck to your eyelids. Check out how to do it here:

1. Blot your eyelids before you apply makeup:



If you find that your eye makeup is consistently smeary and blotchy, you could have oily eyelids. So, before you put on any mascara, blot off your lids–you might feel a little extra doing it, but it’ll help your mascara from melting on your lids.


2. Use mascara primer:


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Primer helps separate and lengthen your lashes, which helps prevent clumping, which helps prevent clumps ending up on your eyelids. So, uh, use primer.


3. Wipe off the tip of your mascara wand before you apply it:



When you pull your mascara wand out of the tube, it probably has way too much product on it (particularly if it’s new). So, take a tissue and gently wipe off the tip of the wand against it (or just do it against the edge of the tube)–this will help prevent you from applying an uneven amount on the lids.


4. Place a playing card between your lash and lids before you apply it:



This helps prevent mascara from dripping over onto the lid.


5. Or some tape:



If you don’t have any cards lying around, just use some tape. Stick it to your pants or shirt a couple times to remove its stickiness, then place it above the lashes. This serves as a barrier between your mascara and lid while the mascara is drying.


6. Use a mirror that’s below your eye level when you apply it:



If you’re looking up, there’s a greater chance that the mascara is going to end up on your eyelids, since the lashes will brush against the lids. So, try and use a mirror that requires you to look slightly down, rather than up.


7. Keep looking down after you apply it:



After you put on your mascara, either close your eyes or just look down at the ground for a minute or so–this means that the mascara won’t end up on your lids before it dries.


8. Pay attention to your mascara’s formula:


If your mascara is clumpy, it’s probably going to end up on your lids at some point, too. So, try to find a mascara with a formula and brush (I tend to like ones that have a lot of bristles) that works for you.


9.  Don’t pump the wand before you apply it:



This causes too much oxygen to enter the tube, which can cause clumping and flaking–most of which will end up on your lids.


10. Do your bottom lashes before your top lashes:



If you don’t do this, your top lashes will get smudged when you look down to do your bottom lashes.


11. Make sure your mascara hasn’t expired:



If your mascara is older than three months, toss it. Not only can using expired mascara give you an eye infection, it can also increase your chances of smudging.


12. Fix it with a Q-tip:



Noticed that you got some mascara on your lids after you applied it? It’s no big deal! Just dip a cotton swab into a makeup removing solution and gently dab it over the rogue mascara.


13. Just don’t try and remove wet mascara:



If you do, it will certainly smear all over your lids. Just wait for it to dry, then use a Q-tip do brush it off.


Does mascara ever get on your eyelids when you wear it? Do you have any tips for dealing with it? Let us know in the comments!

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