7 Things That Don’t Actually Make Your Boyfriend Special

There’s a weird phenomenon that I’ve noticed lately that I’m sure you’ve probably seen as well. I don’t know if it’s new or if social media has just given it more attention, but I’ve got to address it: People going on about how amazing their boyfriends are for doing… basic AF things.

I understand giving props to your guy for standing up against standards of toxic masculinity, or for doing something legitimately brave or heroic. What I don’t understand is gassing up your boyfriend for not having a side chick.

Have our standards always been this low? Are romantic relationships between girls and guys that dour? Do people in non-hetero relationships have to deal with this level of nonsense?

Sorry if this applies to you, but we’ve got the raise the bar. Check out these seven things that don’t actually make your boyfriend special. Find some better things about your BF to be proud of, because right now you’re praising him for doing the bare minimum!

He Isn't Cheating On You

I'm...stunned that so many people gas up their boyfriend's for being faithful. Like, girls...listen to me: This shouldn't be an extraordinary feat. Do not buy into the BS notion that guys are naturally wired to cheat. That's just an excuse used to explain inexcusable behavior. You should expect to have a boyfriend who respects you enough not to break your trust like that. Don't give your BF points for meeting the bare effing minimum.


He's Not Ridiculously Jealous

Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of jealous a-hole dudes out there, but acting as if your boyfriend is a special snowflake for not always accusing you of cheating with every guy you talk to isn't...impressive. Like, please, don't brag about that and don't hesitate to set your bar a little higher.

That '70s Show

He's Nice To You

Yikes, I think that so many of are used to seeing unhealthy relationships that it's not rare to see girls gas up their boyfriends for being decent human beings, like grabbing tea when you're sick. Seriously, I've seen countless girls make sappy Twitter post after sappy Twitter post about their boyfriends having the wherewithal to go to their play. Come on...


He Takes You Out To Eat

Hey, nothing wrong with feeling pampered if your BF treats you to a fancy meal, but it's becoming increasingly common to see teen girls and young women praise their boyfriends for grabbing them some french fries. Hey, it's the thought that counts, and sharing meals together is a great way to catch up and bond, but nobody's bae is extraordinary because they have the decency to spend quality time...eating with you.


He Posts Photos/Videos Of You On Social Media

It's sort of sad how it's a momentous occassion when a dude "claims you" on social media. Do you really think that your boyfriend is going to be aglow with honor if you post a photo of him on Instagram? Probably not. So why is it always some big deal with a guy posts a photo of a girl? I get it being exciting the first time, but every time? Sis, why shouldn't your boyfriend be excited to share that gorgeous mug of yours?

The Duff

He Let's You Hang Out With Your Friends Without Blasting Your Phone

Any good boyfriend is going to be understanding about the fact that you have a social life that doesn't always include him. Period. This isn't some magical quality that is hard to come by, and if it seems like it, then I'm sorry that you're around so many terrible dudes, because nothing about these kinds of boundaries are exceptional. Your boyfriend isn't doing you a favor by not being an unreasonable grump because you're hanging with your girls.

Some Girls

He Lets You Wear What You Want

It's actually pretty sad that this has to be included on here, because in all honesty, there are a lot of guys out there who are incredibly possessive over their girlfriends, down to fabric that they dare put on their bodies. But that should be a standard when it comes to acceptable partners for you. Hey, your boyfriend isn't obligated to like every single thing you wear--just like you're not obligated to like everything he wears--but the idea that your boyfriend is especially great because he doesn't demand that you change before leaving the house? Uh, yikes.


What other things do people give their boyfriends way too much credit for? Tell us in the comments!

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