7 Ways To Curl Your Hair If It’s Stubborn AF

We all want the hair we don’t have. Girls with enviable curls want sleek, straight locks, while girls with stick-straight hair long for beachy waves and perfect ringlets. Not to make this a competition or anything, but it’s easier to go from curly to straight than straight to curly. Curling your hair shouldn’t be rocket science, but it often feels like it is for straight-haired girls! It might seem impossible, but I promise there are ways to curl hair even if it’s super stubborn. You might feel exhausted from scanning Pinterest and getting advice from all your friends, but you have to trust me on this one – you, too can have long waves or perfect spirals.

Even if you technically know how to curl your hair and you can actually get it to do what you want, getting it to stay curly can be tough. So yeah, I’m talking to you too on this one. Yeah, I know there are bigger problems in this world like our incompetent President and pending nuclear war, but while we await sudden doom, we should at least be able to have our hair look semi-decent, right? No? Just me? Okay, fine. My point is, it’s alright to feel stressed about your hair. Trying anything for a long time and having it not pan out is infuriating. Well, hopefully you can be a little less angry with your hair now. These are seven ways to curl your hair if it’s too stubborn to do anything.

Consider Changing Your Curling Tool

The size of the barrel of your curling tool matters. A large barrel with short hair will equal loose waves, while a tiny barrel with long hair will equal tight ringlets. Get the appropriate curling iron for your hair and the type of curl you want. Not everybody can curl their hair with a straightening iron (you basically curl your hair like a ribbon), so if you've been trying that, try something else instead. Switch it up. Your hot tools could be the main issue, here.

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Add In Some Texture

Try a no-heat curling method just to get your hair started. Sleep in some French braids or a sock bun to add in some texture that will give your curling iron something to build off of instead of flat, straight hair. This will make your hair a thousand times easier to curl. Volumizing sprays also work well for this, but if you give your hair some complexity (without you know, cutting it) your hair will be at a way better starting point.

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Curl Dirty Hair

There's a reason day-old hair curls the best - it's not as soft as freshly washed hair, so it holds the curl much better. If you are curling freshly washed hair, then spray some stuff in it. Anything from dry shampoo to salt spray to texturizing spray should work. Adding some grit to it will give your hair added weight that it needs to hold a curl.

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Ease Off The Conditioner

Conditioner can make your hair bulky in a bad way. Slick hair that's super saturated with conditioner won't do much else but look heavy and straight, and maybe a little greasy. There's a difference between hair full of product that has style and hair that's super heavy. One of those can hold curl and the other one can't.

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Use The Right Heat Setting

A heat setting that's too low won't do anything. A setting that's too high is literally just burning your hair instead of curling it. Find out what your hot tool should be set at and then work around that temperature. Don't crank it up or down to make it work better, you could just be giving yourself a different problem to deal with even though you're technically doing everything right.

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Curl Smaller Sections Of Hair

If you're curling huge pieces of hair, heat won't distribute the way that you need it to. Thick hair with blunt ends is the hardest to curl, so section it off into smaller layers. I know this is more time consuming, but if you want your hair to stay curly, that's what you have to do. Try breaking your hair into smaller sections to curl. Start your wand at the top of your scalp and work down. Do the bottom layers first with the rest of your hair pinned up, then work your way to the top.

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Set The Curls Before Letting Them Go

As soon as you curl your hair, hold the curl up towards your head in your palm for a few seconds, letting it cool before letting it go. You can even try pinning the curls up if you have the time. This helps it really set in place, which should happen while the hair is hot. If you can't do that, then at least spray your curls with hair spray as soon as you're done.

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Do any of these methods work for you? Which ones have you tried? Let us know in the comments!

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