9 Surprising Facts About Weed That You Probably Didn’t Know

So, let’s talk about weed.

It’s pretty typical to grow up with “weed is bad” drilled into your skull. I mean, it’s understandable in one sense: Weed (marijuana, cannabis, pot…grass if you’ve just stepped out of a time machine from 1967) is considered an illegal drug in most of the world. Nobody wants their kids to do drugs, so naturally, it’s demonized. But in recent years, there’s been a movement to demystify weed and start getting honest about how strange its illegality is. In the United States, for example, you can buy cigarettes and alcohol, which are both responsible for thousands of death every year due to overdose, organ failure, cancer, etc. While weed isn’t the healthiest thing for your body either (smoking anything tends to make your lungs pretty angry), nobody has overdosed on it, and it’s nowhere near as dangerous as tobacco. In fact, any doctor worth their salt will tell you that alcohol is more dangerous than weed will ever be.

There are states that are slowly, but surely, coming around to legalizing pot, and Canada might soon become one of the first developed countries to make weed legal. Can you imagine? But this still might leave you with questions: If weed isn’t that bad, why is it illegal? And does weed have any actual benefit other than making you mellow? Is it really the gateway drug that you’ve been led to believe? Get some answers with these nine facts about weed that’ll surprise you.

Pot Is Great For Dealing With PMS And Other Aches And Pains

You’ve probably heard of medical marijuana, which is marijuana that is allowed for medical purposes. Well, it’s not just for people who are experiencing a lot of pain due to terminal illnesses or chronic pain. Pot can help ease everything from menstrual cramps to back pain and even nausea. Pot works the same way that a lot of pain killers do: It blocks the brain’s ability to recognize pain in the body. Also, it’s a great muscle relaxer, which is good news to anyone who experiences cramps from hell during that time of the month.

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Weed Is Less Dangerous Than Cigarettes Or Alcohol

As I touched on earlier, weed is a lot less dangerous than alcohol or cigarettes. You can’t overdose on it like you can with alcohol, the chances of getting cancer from weed is incredibly low compared to cigarettes, and it’s nowhere near as addicting as alcohol, cigarettes, or hard drugs like heroin, cocaine, and meth.


Pot Can Make Your Sex Life Better

Need a way to make your sex life better? Pot might be the answer. Yes, seriously, pot. First of all, people swear by products like lube infused with cannabis for people who experience painful sex, because the cannabis helps relax the muscles, which can make penetration more comfortable when applied to the vaginal area. Also, scientific studies have proven that weed can increase sexual stamina and stimulates the part of our brain that controls euphoria, leading to better sex and potentially better orgasms.


Kids Today Are Smoking Pot A Lot Less Than They Used To

Any parent clutching their pearls about how lost this generation is should calm down, because teens today are smoking and drinking at an all time low. They’re smoking less pot too, and some are speculating that smartphones are at least somewhat responsible for the decline. Bored teens have a lot more options at their disposal these days than lighting up a joint, I guess. It’s worth noting, however, that pot is more acceptable socially than ever before, even if people are smoking it a little less.

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There Are A Lot Of Potential Economic Benefits From Pot Legalization

It’s amazing that in a country that will happily capitalize on anything from cigarettes, to colored sugar water, to handguns, the powers that be are so hesitant to capitalize on the money that could come in from the marijuana industry. Taxed and regulated marijuana is estimated to potentially garner $113 billion of revenue. This money could help build schools, pay for health care, provide scholarship money to students, etc. Legalization can also help cut prison costs, which are often wasted on prosecuting, housing, and feeding people charged with marijuana possession. In Colorado alone—a state where marijuana has been legalized since 2014—legalized weed has raked in $2.4 billion for the state’s economy and added 18,005 new full-time jobs. Oh, and all the violent crime that people were worried about? It hasn’t changed at all.

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Racism Is A Big Reason As To Why Marijuana Is Illegal

You might have wondered why pot is illegal in the first place. Well, in the case of the United States, its illegality has a murky past thanks to—you guessed it—good ol’ fashioned racism. Back in the day, the head of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics said that pot had an evil effect on “degenerate races.” Check out this ridiculous quote from him:

“There are 100,000 total marijuana smokers in the U.S., and most are Negroes, Hispanics, Filipinos and entertainers. Their Satanic music, jazz and swing result from marijuana use. This marijuana causes white women to seek sexual relations with Negroes, entertainers and any others.”

“There are 100,000 total marijuana smokers in the U.S., and most are Negroes, Hispanics, Filipinos and entertainers. Their Satanic music, jazz and swing result from marijuana use. This marijuana causes white women to seek sexual relations with Negroes, entertainers and any others.”

“Reefer makes darkies think they’re as good as white men.”

He also fabricated statistics about the negative effects of marijuana. It’s worth noting that racism in marijuana policing hasn’t gone away. Black people and white people have very similar rates of drug consumption, but black people are four times more likely to be arrested for marijuana possession than white people.


Pot Isn't A Gateway Drug

You’ve probably grown up hearing about how smoking pot leads you to experiment with other drugs. One would think that other mind altering substances like alcohol would do the same thing, but apparently it’s just pot that does all the dirty work. Well, is it true? No, at least not according to any reputable study. A lot of factors could go into one’s use of marijuana before harder drugs, most obvious of which is accessibility. It’s just plain easier to find pot casually than it is to find cocaine or meth. Plus, someone who starts to do harder drugs could do so for a variety of reasons, such as depression, boredom, or just hanging out with people who are into hard drugs. Marijuana is just a convenient scapegoat.


Smart Kids Are More Likely To Try Pot

There might be a reason why all the smart kids in your class are also low key stoners. A small study out of the UK determined that high achieving students were twice as likely to try pot. Why? Well, the researchers determined that this was due to their curiosity, and curiosity is a trait that many smart people share.

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Smoking Pot In Your Early Teens Is A Lot Worse Than Smoking In Your Later Teens

Hey, don’t start smoking pot just to get some A’s. Another study indicates that teens who smoke pot as early as 14-years-old mess up your brain when you’re in your early teens; waiting until you’re a little older is a safer bet.

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  • Infiniti Bowie

    Hey Ashley. I like your posts alot but I have to disagree with this one. I don’t smoke or drink so maybe that’s a factor of why I didn’t like this post, but I hate when people say it’s not a gateway drug. It is because every one I know that smokes has tried harder drugs. Why? Because they want to feel more high than weed can make them feel. My boyfriend has done Almost everything including Coke, pills, etc. And he’s not depressed just another bored person. Thankfully he’s since stopped because he got with me and he knows Ime not having any of that. Smoking anything is bad for you and anything that alters your mind in any way isn’t great. No wonder the US is ranked low in education. People are really trying to allow people to use drugs. It doesn’t matter if it can’t kill you like cigarettes. It shouldn’t be In your lungs. If you’re in pain then use it for medicinal purposes, not to get stupid for an hour and abuse it. It’s a waste of time and money and brain cells. Its funny because people try to say weed doesnt make you stupid, yet studies show that the earlier you start the lower your IQ. Love you ash but I’m assuming your post comes from your own pot usage.

    • I so agree with you on this! Maybe you should write on Gurl about this!

      • Infiniti Bowie

        Maybe I could lol thanks for agreeing

  • All these “facts” turned out to be completely incorrect… Especially the second to last one.. The smart kids do NOT smoke weed… It’s statistically proven that only the high partiers who do other kinds of drugs and have a criminal background smoke pot… Most of my “friends” at school smoke marijuana, and their IQ is say, around the 1-4 percentile… While me on the other hand, as well as Lisa Loud, do not smoke anything of the sorts, especially not pot! And we both rank very high on the IQ spectrum…

    Ashley, I don’t know what went through your head when writing this – definitely not the smart, insightful stuff I typically see you write…

    And did you know, pot kills and it’s extremely addicting… I honestly had to laugh at all these inaccuracies in this article…. Was it actually a joke or do you believe this nonsense?