7 Ways To Get Around Your School’s Prom Dress Code

If I remember correctly, my prom didn’t have a dress code. Then again, neither did my school; you could wear anything as long as there wasn’t any ridiculously offensive profanity on it. Miraculously, my graduating class didn’t end up becoming slovenly harlots who don’t know how to cover our bodies. And yet, that seems to be the fear for many schools that have ridiculously strict dress codes, especially for prom. Whether girls are being kicked out of prom for daring to show some leg, or for having the audacity to have large breasts, it’s impossible for a single prom season to go by without seeing a few articles about an innocent teen getting kicked out of prom for a pretty harmless prom getup.

While you should probably just try to stick to the rules–as ridiculous as they may be–it’s not unreasonable to wonder if you could still test the dress code waters, especially if you bought your dress before the dress code was announced. These aren’t guarantees, but if you want to take a risk, try these seven ways to get around your prom dress code. But if you get kicked out anyway…don’t blame me! It’s not my fault your school is wack.

Rock A Shawl That Doesn't Make You Feel Like A Grandma

Shawls sound so blah, don't they? I mean, the word itself just sounds like cobwebs and smells like moth balls. But if you're determined to wear a dress that goes against the prom rules, you might be able to wear it as long as you cover it up. The go to cover up is usually a shawl. Well, you might as well rock one that makes you feel like a rock star, right? So in advance, cop a shawl, stole, or some other covering that compliments your outfit and doesn't look dowdy.

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Elude The Dress Code By Wearing A Jumpsuit That Breaks The Rules

Ready for a fight? If your prom dress code specifies rules against cut outs, plunging necklines, or strapless bodices for dresses but not for other attire, go around the rules and rock a jumpsuit that fits that criteria instead. Hey, the rules don't say anything about jumpsuits, right? You might get into a fight with the administration and this may not be worth the risk, but if you're willing to try it...hey, you have a fair argument and you aren't technically breaking any rules.

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When In Doubt, Grab Some Cleavage Covering Inserts

Yeah, this might make you cringe, but it won't hurt to bring one of these with you if you're worried that your outfit shows too much cleavage. These clip on inserts will instantly make it look like you're wearing a cami underneath your outfit and they'll get the job done in a pinch.

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Wear A Killer Cape On Top Of That Code Violating Dress

Is your school really adamant about restricting backless dresses? Give them an eff you with this cape. It covers you up and looks regal AF.


Wear Tights Under A Dress That Shows A Lot Of Leg

Got an ultra long slit dress? Or maybe you're dress is a little too short for the prom police. Either way, you can try to temper the ire with some tights or sheer stockings. I know, not super prom friendly, but tights are a lot more scandalous than bare skin, so you might just get away with it.


Grab Some Safety Pins Or Fashion Tape And Get Crafty

Is your dress giving you some serious side boob? You might just have to grab some safety pins or fashion tape and get crafty in a pinch. It won't look great, but let's be real: Your arms will cover it and it won't be visible in your prom pics. Plus, you can just take them out once you're on the dance floor and no teachers are paying attention.

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Rock Mesh Underneath A Dress That Shows A Lot Of Skin

Whether it's a plunging neckline, a ton of side boob, or a mountain of cleavage, you can do some damage control with a cool, sheer top or dress underneath your prom get up. This will probably be easiest to wear if you're rocking a black outfit or if you're going for an edgy prom look.

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Would you rebel against an overly strict prom dress code on principle? Or would you just follow the rules to avoid trouble? Tell us in the comments!

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