7 Things You NEED To Look For In A Good Swimsuit That You’re Totally Ignoring

Confession: I haven’t bought an actual, true blue swimsuit in years. The closest I got was buying some high waist black bikini bottoms a couple of years ago. But as someone who has big boobs, I didn’t even bother buying a bikini top. Instead, I usually wear the bottoms with a black sports bra that keeps my boobs in place whenever I’m flapping around in the water.

Needless to say…it’s all a bit sad, really.

But this summer, I’m determined to change. There’s a one-piece that I’ve got my eye on, and even though it might make my bank account cry a little bit, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. But I’m not jumping into this all willy nilly. Nope. None of this “Oh, this is pretty, let me just grab this off the rack and I’ll be on my way” nonsense. That’s how you get burned. Luckily, you won’t learn that the hard way if you check out these seven things you need to look for in a swimsuit. Trust, you’re totally ignoring some of these essentials, but that ends now.

Move Around In Your Bathing Suit Before You Buy

If you're not doing this before you buy your suit, you're...a chump. I'm sorry, harsh, but it's true. If you have an opportunity to try before you buy, throw on that suit and wiggle. Yes, wiggle all over the place. Jump up and down, stretch, flex your hips, do all kinds of movements! And then see how your bathing suit lands after all that. If you end up with a wedgie or boobs popping out, that ain't the suit for you, dude.

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If You Have Big Boobs, Avoid The S, M, L Bikini Tops

Yes, there are bathing suits with cup sizes! Unfortunately, you probably won't find them at the average store in the mall. You might have to go for boutiques (especially ones that specialize in bras) and online retailers to find the one you're looking for, but it's worth it. Why worry about your boobs being secure when you're trying to have a carefree beach day?

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Be On The Look Out For Bathing Suits With SPF In The Fabric

I recently found out that you can actually buy swimsuits that have SPF built into the fabric? Wow, we live in the future now. This is especially good if you are prone to burning, but it's also a good move for all of us because skin damage is no joke. Yes, even my fellow dark skinned sisters need to slather on the SPF.

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Avoid Unlined Suits, Especially If They're In A Light Color

So you found the bathing suit of your dreams...but it's thin AF and totally unlined. You might want to hesitate before you buy it. Higher quality swimsuits are usually lined, which helps prevent them from losing their shape and provides a sturdier material for you to wear. Plus, you won't stand a chance with an unlined suit that comes in a light color. I mean, you do you, but you probably don't want the world to see your nips or your pubes at the pool in that cute new white bathing suit you copped.

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If You Have Big Boobs, Don't Turn Your Nose Up At One-Pieces

Bikinis are great and all, but unless they come in a cup size, my big boobs just can't trust them. You might want to consider opting for one-pieces if boobie security is really important to you. Sure, you want to make sure your piece isn't super side-boob friendly, but still, your boobs will feel a little more secure, which will make YOU feel more secure at the beach.

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If You Are Plus-Size Or Have Big Boobs, You Might Have To Pay More For Better Quality

This isn't a hard and fast rule, but it can definitely be the case. If you have a full bust or if you're plus size, please, if you can, consider investing in a higher quality piece, even if it costs more. It'll be worth it when you're not wasting a ton of money on suits that don't support your body. You can find some pretty decent deals at stores like ASOS, but you might want to seriously consider shops like Nordstrom or Swimsuits For All for bathing suits that cost a little extra but offer the support you deserve.

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Focus On Buying A Suit That Focuses On What You Like About Your Body Instead Of Hiding What You Don't

I'm not going to lie, I love high waist bikini bottoms because they don't show off my love handles to the world, but you shouldn't necessarily go into bathing suit shopping with an "OMG, HOW DO I FIND A SUIT THAT HIDES ALL MY IMPERFECTIONS?" mentality. Yes, you'll find tons of articles and infographs that will dictate what kind of suits you should aim for based on your body type, but they're often written with language that can be a little shaming. Instead of finding a plus size suit that hides your belly fat, go for a suit that shows off something you do like about your body, like your waist or your chest. Maybe you hate your butt, but you like your legs; consider going for a high cut bathing suit that shows them off a little more. If you're not feeling your chest but you love your hips and bottom, wear a bikini bottom that uses a lot of color or texture to draw attention to that part of your body. This might go against some of the so-called rules, but it's definitely a healthier way to see your body.

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Do you prefer bikinis or one-pieces? Do you follow any body-type rules regarding swimsuits? Tell us in the comments!

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