20 Creative DIY Ways To Refashion A Men’s Shirt Into Cute Clothing

If you’re on the hunt for some cute new clothes for spring and summer, you might be able to start your shopping in a very unexpected spot – your dad’s closet. Or the closet of your brother, boyfriend, guy best friend, favorite dude cousin, or the men’s section of a thrift shop. If you’re willing to put in a little crafting action, there are tons of ways to refashion an oversized men’s shirt into an adorable piece of women’s clothing that will not only be a lower price point, but will also be totally unique (AKA no chance of your frenemy showing up in the same thing). Intrigued? You should be.

Men’s shirt refashion tutorials aren’t just this popular one, where the girl essentially pulls the shirt down and wraps the arms around her waist, making a, uh, interesting dress. There are lots of other creative ideas that can result in anything from a fitted dress (that looks a bit more sophisticated) to professional skirts to cute tank tops. If there’s no dude closet for you to raid, head to a thrift shop, where you can purchase men’s button down shirts or t-shirts for an incredibly low price (only a few dollars). Of course, almost all of these would also work with an oversized female top as well. You’ve got a lot of options, and they’re all fun! It’s kind of special to make your own clothes, too, so it’s definitely worth trying at least one of these! Check out these DIY ways to turn a men’s shirt into a cute pice of clothing, and let us know if you do any!

1. Turn a slightly large polo shirt into a boatneck top with this super easy tutorial.



You don’t want the original shirt to be too baggy here, as you’re not really pulling it in – you’re just adjusting the neckline.


2. Turn a large button down into a loose tank top.



This tutorial uses minimal sewing, and creates the perfect loose tank top you’ll probably wear all summer long.


3. Turn an oversized men’s button down into an on trend off the shoulder dress.



Make sure the shirt is large enough on you that it could double as dress length, and then get to work! This is beyond adorable.


4. Make a big shirt into a super stylish statement sleeve top.



Big ruffled sleeves like these are super stylish right now, and you can make a similar version by getting creative with an oversized men’s top – opt for one with long sleeves if possible.


5. Turn a men’s blazer into a unique dress.



This blazer style dress is actually a trend (I saw one in Urban Outfitters for $90), and it’s easy to make on your own!


6. Turn an oversized men’s tee into a fitted tee.



This is the perfect way to make that huge old t-shirt into something you’ll wear all the time.


7. Get an off the shoulder peasant top out of a men’s button down.



With some nipping and tucking, you can make a large button down into something super cute and feminine.


8. Transform a men’s button down into a pencil skirt.



If you do this correctly, no one will ever even know it was once a men’s top. This is a perfect professional look for an internship or job.


9. Go from oversized chambray shirt to cute halter dress.



A large men’s denim shirt can be transformed into a fitted denim halter dress complete with an open back and a cute design on the trim. Perfect for warmer weather!


10. Make a men’s flannel shirt into a cozy flannel vest.



Okay, so you might not be able to wear a flannel vest any time soon, but this is a great project to do when you’re bored – that way, in the fall, you’ll be ready to wear it!


11. Work with two men’s shirts to make a two toned shirt dress.



A thin belt makes this merge of two different colored shirts work as a two-toned dress that is super versatile and comfortable.


12. Get in on the off the shoulder trend with this easy tutorial.



If you can sew, you can turn a boring men’s shirt into a super trendy off the shoulder top.


13. A large men’s t-shirt becomes a cute and easy t-shirt dress with a few tweaks.



Some basic sewing can make a super cheap large shirt into an easy t-shirt dress that you’ll definitely wear all summer long.


14. Go for a vintagey vibe with this dress tutorial.



Pick any color and pattern you want in a men’s shirt to make it this cool, vintage inspired fitted dress.


15. Do some cutting to turn a men’s shirt into a crop top.



This cute crop top will be comfortable and unique – remove the collar as well if you want to make it more casual.


16. Here’s another way to go from men’s shirt to breezy tank:




17. Do a little mixing and matching for this adorable dress.



You can mix an old tank top and a men’s shirt to make a really cute shirt dress.


18. Transform an oversized men’s top into a slouchy dolman tee.



Make the comfiest top ever with these simple steps.


19. Add some cut-outs and scalloped edges to go from button down to stylish tank.



If you can find a bright color like this one, even better!


20. Go for an unexpected shape with this peplum top tutorial.



From boring button down to versatile peplum!

Which one of these tutorials is your favorite? Are you going to try any? Let us know in the comments!

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