17 Things That Definitely Won’t Happen To You During Sex

Many of us have this one guilty pleasure in common: we love to watch ~sexy~ TV and movie moments because, let’s be real, we love drama and live vicariously through these fictional couples. So when a fake couple finally gets it on, we are SO EXCITED. There’s nothing wrong with that, obviously, since it’s fun to watch other people’s lives for a little bit and forget about your own love life (or lack thereof). But, we have to admit, when there are sex scenes in TV shows and movies, what is shown RARELY ever happens. 

Do you really keep your bra on during sex? And is it gorgeous, with lace and pearls? Probably not. I mean, it’s cool if you do, but most sex scenes portray the guy as SUPER naked, while the girl just so happens to have a bra on the entire time. Isn’t that uncomfortable? Do they really expect you to get your $50 Victoria’s Secret bra all sweaty and gross? I get that it’s “for television” but, still, come on. And it doesn’t stop there. Obviously, there are some more realistic sex scenes in movies and TV, but they are actually pretty hard to find. It can also be a little concerning when you have sex for the first time and realize it’s NOT like the movies. But, it’s okay, here are a list of things that totally (probably) won’t happen to you during sex, so you can take comfort in the fact that you are not alone.

1. You will be able and ready to have sex anytime, anywhere. Like, an elevator, for example.



2. You keep your bra on…the whole time:



3. And removing your clothes is just super easy! Doesn’t matter that there are buttons and zippers!



4. You get…spun around?



5. And…roll around?



6. Your underwear is, like, perfectly clean and white:



7. And It will be matching!






9. You will skip foreplay and go right into sex like it’s NBD:



10. It just ~goes in~ without any issues:



11. You will perfectly line up with your bae:

anigif_sub-buzz-16812-1492121509-13 (1)


12. You will be able to have sex with NO LUBE, just the water from the inevitable rainstorm you will start making out in:



13. You will orgasm every time!

giphy (3)


14. And you will both finish at the same time!



15. Your makeup will look GREAT, even though you’re sweaty AF:



16. Same goes for the hair:

giphy (4)


17. And you’ll go right to sleep, no cleanup required, right?



What is the most unrealistic fictional sex scene?  Tell us in the comments!

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