Quiz: Are You A Good Kisser?

After a long night hanging with my BFF’s last weekend, we decided to do what ever girl would do: watch John Tucker Must Die and order pizza. It was all going well when we got to the part where one of the main characters, Beth, asked Kate if she’s a good kisser. Kate says she doesn’t know, so then Beth says, “Do guys TELL you you’re a good kisser?” And that’s about when my friends and I looked at each other in panic, all thinking that if we haven’t been told we are good kissers, does that mean we are BAD kissers? I know it doesn’t feel like a big deal, but it can seem frightening if you think you’re a bad kisser.

kiss1 kiss23

Let me calm you down for a minute and say that you are probably not a bad kisser. If the person you’re kissing doesn’t start yelling or crying, I’m sure you’re good. BUT, it can be a little stressful when you are just learning how to kiss. How do you know if you’re doing it right? What way do you lean your head? WHAT DO YOU DO WITH YOUR TONGUE?! I know it’s a lot, so take this quiz to see if you’re actually a good kisser. Good luck!

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