Is It Normal If Your Boyfriend Has A Crooked Penis?

Have you ever looked down while you were fooling around with bae and noticed that things weren’t quite as straight as you thought? Or maybe the first time bae stripped off his boxers/tighty whities/man thong, you noticed right away that there was a definite curve down there. No matter what the option, you’re probably scratching your head and you’re probably wondering how to deal with this crooked penis, right? Don’t worry, girl, because I got you. Here’s what you need to know about crooked peens.

Is it normal?

I’m tempted to use the old snowflake analogy and compare penises to them. Just like with snowflakes, all penises are unique. The size, shape, amount of hair, and color can all fairly quite significantly from one peen to the next. And the curve of them can vary, too. Some might be super straight while others might fit into the “banana penis” category. And be aware that it’s actually fairly common for a penis to have a curve when hard.


Does is matter the way it curves?

If your boyfriend penis is curving around like a wavy road, something is probably up and he should probably get it looked after. Apart from that, penises can curve downwards and to either side. You mist even come across one that curves slightly up.


Does it only happen when he’s turned on?

If you were to do an intense study down there, you would probably find that bae’s penis is slightly crooked. After all, the human body is rarely perfectly symmetrical. (Just think about how your eyes probably aren’t completely identical.)

Note that when bae’s hard, the curve will probably be most noticeable or it will become more pronounced. It doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with him if his peen suddenly starts going to the side when he’s turned on.


Is his penis broken?

Nope. Probably not. If he’s aroused, that is a good sign that everything in functioning normally down there. And if you’re wondering, he can still pee from it even if it is curved.


Does it hurt?

For guys with slight curves in their peens, they will probably not even be able to feel that it’s a few degrees off. However, if his peen is extremely crooked, it could actually cause him pain and he would need to seek medical attention.


Will it still fit?

Yes. You might find that certain positions work better than others, but you will still be able to get that P in that V. Or you might not even notice a difference between having sex with your current SO and other people who have had straighter peens.



Do you have any sex tips?

Sure do. Try out positions that let you really be in control of the position that bae’s penis goes in. Things like girl on top or reverse cowgirl are great options. And don’t be afraid to use your hands to position bae’s peen so it fits in nicely. Chances are he’ll actually find this super hot.

And remember that if anything feels uncomfortable or it’s causing you pain, speak up right away. If you’re worried about bringing up the crooked penis thing, you can simply ask to switch positions or say that bae’s penis is hitting the wrong spot inside of you. There’s no need to start dissecting the actual angle of his peen.


Have you ever had to deal with a crooked penis? Let us know in the comments!

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